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Thanksgiving Inspired Scents

November 21, 2018 3 min read

Thanksgiving Inspired Scents

Post from Rebekah Letch. 

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. It always reminds me of good food, great company, and even better aromas. Not to mention, one of my favorite U.S. holidays, Thanksgiving Day! To me, Thanksgiving Day is a day of sharing one’s bounty with others. A day that was practiced in my household year-round. My grandmother would always say, “Through sharing one’s bounty, your harvest is multiplied.” I live by this saying rigorously.

Aside from giving, one cannot forget to mention the delicious foods that come with Thanksgiving. I have always loved the smells that accompany it. After all, Thanksgiving is a celebration of the senses. Full enjoyment of the senses and sharing that enjoyment with others is at the heart of every Thanksgiving celebration. And what better way to celebrate the senses than with Radha Beauty essential oils.

The essential oils that remind me of fall are mood enhancers and aphrodisiacs which promote positive vibrations and an aura of attraction about you. They can help kill airborne bacteria and viruses thereby lessening the chances of catching a cold or flu, deodorize your home, and instill uplifted and joyous emotions.


Cinnamon pairs wonderfully with the aromas of all of the baking and cooking you will do this Thanksgiving. It may remind your guests of the great memories from their family holidays growing up, so get ready for a lot of storytelling. Aside from sense memory, it may help battle against cold and flu viruses which can spread quickly during the holidays. It also relieves depression and uplifts the spirits which are essential for fending off seasonal depression.

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Clove is a spicy and warm scent that will complement the aroma of a holiday meal. Because the plant is often used as a key ingredient in cranberry sauces and the Thanksgiving turkey itself, clove oil is a great reminder of this time. It is a stress reliever and aphrodisiac, so your guests will be inspired to relax and feel the warmth of love around the Thanksgiving table. It is also an anti-inflammatory and can help ease the various respiratory problems associated with the seasonal cold, flu, and allergies.

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Cedarwood has a rich, fall smell that will fill your house with the natural comfort of an outdoor forest. Not only does it boost metabolism which is perfect for pairing with the largest meal of the year, but it also cleans out toxins, is an anti-inflammatory and helps promote mental clarity. With cedarwood essential oil, you and your guests will feel clear-headed, relaxed, and comfortable.

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Rosemary is a gorgeous herbal scent that will pair beautifully with the smell of your Thanksgiving turkey, especially if you're using rosemary as an ingredient while making this year’s Thanksgiving turkey. It helps relieve both pain and stress, so you and your guests can feel relaxed during the meal. It is also an immune booster and is great for treating some of the symptoms of cold and flu-like coughs and headaches. Try blended Rosemary oil with clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and orange. It makes a wonderful fall seasonal scent and a powerful immune booster.

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Remember, Thanksgiving is a day of counting blessings and being thankful! You can find all these scents in our Top 18 Essential Oil Set. Make your guests feel right at home when they come over for Thanksgiving. Your place will smell amazing!