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Start Spring Right with Natural Skincare Products

March 29, 2017 2 min read

Start Spring Right with Natural Skincare Products

I’m back and with some great advice for this upcoming spring. Just because winter is over, doesn’t mean you stop nourishing your skin with all the vitamins and minerals it lacks during the harsh cold weather. I’m excited to share with you somenatural products for skincare that I use and its benefits.

The earth provides us with everything we could ever need to survive. Whether it be food or clothing, it is out there for us to use the elements of Earth for our needs. Mother Earth offers some great natural skin remedies as well, from Vitamin C to the petals from a rose. When Ibuy natural skincare products I look for several things.


The first thing I look at in a natural product are the ingredients used. None of the plant-based ingredients in natural skincare should be decolorized, deodorized or processed. When I’m moisturizing my face with our Vitamin C Serum I know I’m doing the Earth, my consciousness, and my body some good! Vitamin C has been known to rejuvenate skin cells and can help with inflammation and redness that comes with acne.


Dark Circles

Secondly, I look for the benefits of the product and if it will work for me. As we age, some people are known to get those dark circles under their eyes. Those dark circles can make a person look tired and weary. When sleep just isn’t enough, and you need a little something extra, a great eye gel can be just the right fit. Having key components like, Vitamin C and cucumber will rapidly decrease the formation of those pesky dark circles.


After I moisturize my face with Vitamin C Serum, I spritz my face a couple of times with some Rosewater. Yes! I did say Rosewater. This isn’t your ordinary water but a liquid that has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Distilled with steam from rose petals, rosewater is nature's answer to beautiful, natural, and ageless looking skin. 

Reversing Sun Damage

Even 100% pure, unrefined oils can be a great addition to your natural skin regime. Try different oils like Rosehip or Lemon Oil. Rosehip is an amazing oil that can protect your skin from sun damage while also improving your skin's appearance which is also key to appearing ageless.