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5 Essential Oils and their Best Uses

March 21, 2017 4 min read

5 Essential Oils and their Best Uses

Now, more than ever, people are choosing essential oils to combat common, day-to-day problems that they have. Whether it's a long, stressful day; sore muscles after a workout; an outbreak of acne; or a stubborn case of dandruff, people are choosing to use essential oils as a natural way to stop these problems.

Essential oils are a natural option, normally far less harsh than the chemicals found in the standard options that are bought to ease these problems. For those who are tired of having to choose between a harsh remedy and no remedy at all, essential oils are a great middle ground.

But that doesn't mean that all essential oils are equal. In fact, many essential oils that you can buy aren't the best quality to choose and don't work as well. Because of that, you need to find oils that are labeled as 100% therapeutic grade, which ensures that they are the best. Then, follow the below instructions to use them properly.

Peppermint Oil

If you find yourself stressed, or if you're sore after a long day, then peppermint oil is definitely the essential oil for you! This oil is great for producing a calming, relaxing effect. This is particularly refreshing after a long, stressful day at work! But it also helps to soothe and relax any achy muscles that you might have.

There are three good ways to use peppermint oil to calm your mind and our body. The first is using aromatherapy. Simply add a few drops of the peppermint oil to a diffuser, and allow the scent to naturally spread. The second way is a bit like the first:  Try adding it to your next bath. This will allow you to breathe it in, as well as get a bit on your skin. Just add a few drops to your bath. Lastly, try a peppermint oil massage. Just mix a couple of drops in with olive oil, and have someone carefully massage it in.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is perhaps one of the most used, but little-known, essential oils on the market today. Some of the best-known baby soaps, bubble baths, and other products use this, much to their success. Now you can use it, too! This oil provides a natural state of calm and relaxation, perfect for right before bed.

Just like the oil above, you can use this product in three ways. The first is aromatherapy; add it to a diffuser for a gentle, relaxing way to wind down for the night. Bonus:  It smells absolutely great! You can also add it to your before-bed bath. Just add a few drops to the bathwater, or put a few drops into your favorite bubble bath mix. You can also try a massage. Put a few drops in a mixer oil (such as olive oil or coconut oil) and have someone gently massage it into your skin.

Tea Tree Oil

You hear a lot about tea tree oil nowadays. It's mentioned frequently as almost a cure-all; many homeopathic health options include this oil...sometimes needlessly. So what is it actually good for? Tea tree oil is a natural astringent, as well as being anti-bacterial. This means that it can prevent build up of bacteria, and it's a great natural cleanser. Because of this, it's great for keeping your skin clear and healthy, and getting rid of your acne.

But how do you use it? Tea tree oil, though natural, can be a bit harsh on your skin if overused, so you shouldn't use too much at once. The same is true for any natural astringent. In this case, you should dilute a few drops with 20-40 drops of witch hazel, then apply to problem areas with a cotton swab or ball. Overuse of this can be drying to your skin.

Rosemary Oil

Essential oils aren't just for aromatherapy or skin health. Some are perfect for your hair, as well! The most common oil used for hair health is rosemary oil. Its properties are great at promoting hair growth, stopping hair loss, and putting an end to annoying dandruff. If you've searched for a natural way to stop hair loss, this is a great option!

Using rosemary oil for this is fairly simple. It's no more difficult than just washing your hair as you normally would. To combat hair loss, boost your hair health, or get rid of dandruff, just add a few drops of rosemary oil to either your shampoo or your conditioner. Then, all that you'll need to do is shampoo and condition your hair as normal. You shouldn't put the rosemary oil in both the shampoo or conditioner; this might cause problems.

Frankincense Oil

There's no essential oil better known than frankincense oil. It's an ancient oil that has been used for thousands of years, to do a number of different things. While it can do many things, the most common reason it's used now is to relieve stress and anxiety. While others on this list produce a calming effect, frankincense oil allows the stress and anxiety to completely leave you, not just be muted. If you're feeling particularly run-down, this is the oil for you.

Now, while these other oils have multiple ways to use them, frankincense oil, when being used for anxiety and stress, should only be used one way:  Aromatherapy. This is because frankincense oil can be a bit harsh, making it better to breathe than to add to massage oil. So add a few drops to your diffuser, and relax!


Essential oils are used for a lot of problems. Whether it's sore muscles, stress, hair problems, or a breakout, essential oils can help. Trouble sleeping? Lavender oil in the bath. Bad skin? Tea tree oil. Dandruff everywhere, or even hair loss? Give rosemary oil a try. Stressed to the gills? Try some frankincense oil. Whatever your problem might be, there is an essential oil to fix it. This truly is a great way to address these issues.

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