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Tree Pose Variations for Arbor Day

April 25, 2022 2 min read

Tree Pose Variations for Arbor Day

Tree pose is one of the most basic, common yoga poses in the community. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, and it’s a favorite for practicing balance and posture. Its Sanskrit name is Vrksasana which of course just translates to Tree pose.

Traditional Tree Pose

  • Start with your feet together. Shift your weight onto your left foot and lift your right foot off the ground, flexing your foot as you do so.
  • Grab your foot with your right hand and place your heel on your left leg as high on your leg as possible with your toes pointing down, wherever it’s comfortable.
  • To stay centered, press your left leg and your right foot against each other. As you do so, open your right knee to open your hip.
  • Press your palms together in front of your heart center before slowly raising them above your head. Keep your eyes steady and soft in front of you. You’re more likely to lose balance if you continually shift your gaze.
  • Keep your spine straight and long. Breathe into your chest for five breaths, then slowly release your arms and foot before repeating on the other side.

Closed Eye Tree Pose

  • Once in tree pose, close your eyes. This helps center your awareness and focus your breath. However, without a point of focus to center on, it can sometimes be harder for people to find balance with their eyes closed.

Arched Tree Pose

  • Once in traditional tree pose, lean towards your bent knee, resting your forearm on your thigh. Look up towards the ceiling. This is a harder variation because you lose the stability of the straight torso.

Twisted Tree Pose

  • Once in traditional tree pose, twist towards your bent leg, resting the opposite hand on your knee. Extend your other hand behind you and look over your shoulder.

Sage Tree Pose

  • Starting in side plank (Sage), lift the top leg and bend it into tree pose. This variation uses the upper body, core, and hips. It’s a great way to switch up from the traditional standing tree pose.

Eagle-Tree Variation Pose

  • In traditional tree pose, simply cross your elbows over each other and bring your palms together as you would in Eagle pose. This adds in a stretch for your upper back and shoulders.