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Celebrating Earth Day with Yoga Flows

April 18, 2022 2 min read

Celebrating Earth Day with Yoga Flows

Yoga and the earth are naturally connected. As we flow, practice, and meditate, we become aware of our connection with all living things, so naturally our connection to the earth becomes stronger. We become more aware of what we’re eating and drinking that comes from the earth. Naturally, Earth Day is a wonderful way to honor the planet that gives us so much.

Outdoor Yoga Practice:

Nature has so many lessons to teach us when we practice outside. You can go out to your backyard or to a nearby park with your mat and learn from the oak tree that might stand strong and steady or the willowy birch that sways with the wind. Are there birds, squirrels or neighborhood animals that watch curiously as you flow? What can you learn from them?

Meditation in Nature:

Finding our conscious center and breathing deeply outdoors can help to find peace through meditation. Imagine breathing in the oxygen from the plants and trees and exhaling the carbon dioxide to give back to them. The circle of life is in everything.

One way to meditate outside is to walk as you center yourself. Think about how your feet remain connected to the earth and the other beings connected to the earth such as neighborhood critters and plants and trees. Even as you move in connection, you continue to be move forward towards your future and your destination. You may not even know where you are going, but you continue to walk towards it.

Nature Poses:

In your daily yoga flows, incorporate nature-related poses inspired by the earth and its creatures. Examples include tree pose, mountain poses, dolphin pose, and camel pose. Doing these poses in your yoga flow, especially in an outdoor practice can help ground you back towards the earth.

Eco-Yoga Events and Retreats:

Since Earth Day began in the seventies, eco-yoga events have gained popularity. It’s much easier nowadays to find an event or a retreat to attend on Earth Day or on the weekend near the national holiday. These events are usually centered around creating awareness and raising money that goes towards non-profits that help take care of the earth. Find one that speaks to you – and even better, invite your friends!


Earth day is a great time to try practicing yoga with candles instead of lights on. Not only does it save energy and power, but it is also a great way to set the mood for a relaxing yoga flow with soothing essential oils, candles, and stretchy poses. Maybe you’ll even decide to make it a weekly practice!

While many people enjoy online yoga classes or follow yoga videos on their computer, Earth Day is one day you might want to try visiting a local studio or making up your own routine with your favorite poses. Doing this helps to save the energy you spend on the computer. Plus, you get to support local businesses!