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Tips for Making Skincare a Habit

January 11, 2023 3 min read

Tips for Making Skincare a Habit

We all have specific routines that help us to be successful and stay sane as we go through life. An essential part of that routine is proper skin care. In addition to having a clear complexion and feeling more confident, the quality of your skin can dictate your overall health.

Sometimes, life can get busy, and we can forget about our skincare regimen — but we must try to break that cycle. Let’s talk about the importance of skincare and how you can get it back into your routine.


Why Your Skincare Routine Is Essential

There are many reasons that you should make skincare your top priority. First, there is a mental health aspect. When you have clear, soft, and beautiful skin, you will also have more confidence when you go out in the world. It is important to feel good about yourself, and proper skincare is a big part of that. Beauty isn’t everything, but it is a component of strong mental health that can help you to take on every new day.

Healthy skin is also essential for your overall health. As your body’s largest organ, your skin helps you to prevent dehydration and keep your body temperature stable. Also, your skin makes vitamin D, and when the sun shines on healthy skin, it helps to create stronger bones. 

Finally, it is essential that you make skincare into a routine and habit because consistency is key. When you take care of yourself on a constant basis, then those beautiful results are easier to maintain. It may take some time to learn your skincare routine, but once you get into the habit of doing it every day, then it will be a faster process, which you can complete and then get on with your day.


Turning Your Skincare Into A Habit

When it comes to developing a new health habit, you need to have a cue, a routine, and a reward. The cue is the time you set or the action that you take that tells you that it is time to perform your skincare routine. An easy cue may be that you add this routine to the end of your morning actions, like using mouthwash or brushing your teeth. Once you are done brushing, you know it is time for skincare.

Another good time to complete your skincare routine is before you go to bed when you are already in the bathroom, getting yourself in the mood for sleep. If adding to your existing routine is not enough to help you remember, then a more literal cue could be a recurring alarm that you set on your phone that tells you it is time to complete your routine.

As you are making your habit a regular thing, you should also try to reward yourself after you successfully complete the routine. That could be something simple like listening to your favorite song or brewing a tasty cup of coffee. Experts say that it takes the average person 66 days to form a habit, so go that long, and you should be in good shape. 


Other Tactics To Make Your Skincare Routine Easier

The routine that you will have will depend on your body and the condition of your skin, but remember that you don’t necessarily need to spend your whole morning on your skin. Instead, you may find it easier to simplify your skincare routine. When you wake up, cleanse your skin, apply your favorite toner, serum, and moisturizer, and you’ll be set to go. At night, remove your makeup (if necessary), cleanse, and then apply your serum.

Some people may make their routine too complicated because they are trying everything to see what works. If you want to streamline your routine, make an appointment with a dermatologist, and ask what they suggest for your particular skin. Then, go with what they recommend and follow up if necessary.

Finally, remember that you can further improve your skin by making smart choices throughout the day. Avoid foods that are full of trans fats and oil, manage your life accordingly so you can avoid unnecessary stress, and drink plenty of water for a noticeable improvement over time. 

As you can see, with the right strategy, you can make skin care a habit that you can follow day after day. Consider the tips described here, and you will love what you see in the mirror every morning.


Author by: Jori Hamilton