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Switching It Up for Spring

March 20, 2021 2 min read

Switching It Up for Spring

As the winter comes to a close and we welcome spring’s flowers and sunshine, it’s good to freshen up your skincare routine. Changing up the products and techniques you use can help refresh your skin and create a healthy glow. Keep your skin looking smooth, soft, and youthful with a simple skincare update.

Up your Sun Protection

As the seasons change, the sun comes out more and your skin faces more UV light exposure. Adding a stronger SPF can help protect your skin from the exposure that can cause pre-mature signs of aging. Since its spring and the temperature is more moderate, you can use a light moisturizer instead of a heavy cream.

Lighter is Better

Spring is a light and airy time of the year. Clean up your skincare shelf to match, switching out the heavier items with softer and lighter products. Using a lighter gel cleanser instead of a cream or oil can help clean up your skin without any sticky residue or film left behind.

Smooth and Soften

In the spring, hemlines get shorter and we’re exposing skin that hasn’t seen the sun since fall. Exfoliating can leave your skin looking and feeling soft. An essential oil sugar scrub exfoliates your skin without harsh chemicals. Buff it on with an exfoliating mitt for an extra boost to remove dead skin cells.

Lighten Up Your Moisturizer

In the winter, we wear heavy creams to combat the dry, cold air of the winter. In the springtime, we can lighten those creams up to softer moisturizers that are less intense on the skin. Be sure to keep applying moisture, especially as the skin is more exposed to the sun and wind with shorter sleeves and pants.

Add a Spritz

Spring brings heat and sweat, so adding a light mist to your skincare routine can keep you feeling fresh. Facial mists cool the skin down without needing to wipe away makeup with a towel or your hands, which can introduce bacteria. Using a rosewater toner can even the skin tone, reduce redness, and cleanses the skin of impurities.

Keep it Natural

Using natural carrier and essential oils can brighten up any skincare routine. Rosehip Oil is well known for keeping the skin clear and fresh. Castor and Argan Oil can soften and add shine to the hair. Tea tree essential oil is known for helping to reduce blemishes, while lavender can soothe the skin and reduce redness.

Springtime is a great time to swap out your skincare. While your routine can be something you know and love, swapping out certain products can keep your skin looking fresh in changing temperatures. With spring keeping skincare front and center with natural makeup looks, switch it up to keep your skin looking beautiful.