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Natural Beauty Tips for Softer Lips

July 14, 2021 3 min read

Natural Beauty Tips for Softer Lips

For softer, more luscious lips, you need a lip care routine. Just a few steps will help keep your lips smooth and hydrated. In the summer, the dry heat wears out your lips, making it the perfect time to revamp your lip routine.

Step One: Exfoliate

Adding a DIY lip scrub helps to exfoliate your lips and keep them fresh and moisturized. A lip scrub helps to loosen and remove the dead skin cells from your lips, revealing a new layer of soft skin, which is primed and ready for nourishing moisturizers. Avoid picking at your lips, which can irritate and exaggerate dry, flaky skin.

DIY Lip Scrub Recipe

This lip scrub uses fractionated coconut oil for moisture, brown sugar to exfoliate, and honey to help soothe the skin. Coconut oil is a wonderful hydrator that contains vitamin E to help heal scarring and dead skin. You can replace coconut oil with any other carrier oil, such as sweet almond or rosehip.

Combine coconut oil and honey first, then add in your brown sugar. Because brown sugar is made with molasses, it’s a softer exfoliate than plain granulated sugar, but you could use either in a pinch. You can add more oil or sugar to change the consistency of the scrub to how you like.

You can store this scrub in a glass jar (reuse a baby food jar!). Refrigerate for up to two weeks.

When you’re ready to apply, soften at room temperature for a minute or two (if pulling out from the refrigerator). Apply in a circular motion with your fingertips and allow to sit for one to two minutes. Wipe clean with a warm, damp cloth.

Step Two: Hydrate

After your lips have been exfoliated, they’re primed to receive and absorb hydration. Applying a lip oil or balm keeps your lips nourished and soft. Hydrated lips are naturally plumper, more vibrant, and satiny smooth. There are many options for moisturizing lip products but try to choose a naturally vitamin-rich product that will feed your skin the nutrients it craves.

Rosehip oil is rich in Vitamins A, C, and E that help to brighten and smooth the skin. It contains antioxidants that nourish and protect the lips. Sweet Almond oil contains fatty acids and vitamins that help reduce fine lines and moisturize the skin. Jojoba oil is naturally non-greasy and hydrates with fatty acids and vitamins.

Step Three: Protect

It’s important to protect your lips from the sun and environmental aggressors like you would the rest of your face and skin. Some environmental irritants to be aware of include extreme heat or cold, dry air (including plane flights), and common colds. Use a lip balm that contains sunscreen or apply your normal face sunscreen over your lips. The same natural oils that help to hydrate your lips can also be used to protect them from drying ingredients in lipsticks and pencils. Add an extra layer of protection with a thicker nighttime lip mask or balm.

Step Four: Beauty from Within

Drinking enough water is essential to keep your lips hydrated and plump. Add foods that naturally contain healthy fatty acids like avocado, nuts, fish, and plant-based oils. These healthy fats help add nourishment to your lips and skin. If your lips are dry and flaky, reduce acidic, salty, and spicy foods that can cause irritation.

While the lipsticks and glosses that we coat our lips in might change with the beauty trends of the year, soft, plump lips are always in style. Adding a lip routine or mixing in a DIY lip scrub to your routine helps to keep your lips nourished and smooth. Try it out for yourself and banish dry, flaky lips into the past.