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How To Start A Successful Beauty Channel On YouTube

May 03, 2023 4 min read


YouTube is the perfect platform for beauty-related content. You can show your followers exactly how different products work and have an opportunity to share your insights in a long-form format. However, starting a successful beauty channel on YouTube can be tricky. You’ll face plenty of competition and have to find a way to stand out.

Fortunately, you can make use of tried-and-tested methods to increase your viewership, land subscribers, and post content that you’re proud of.

When to Start a Beauty Channel

Most big beauty channels start life as a side hustle or hobby. It’s unlikely you’ll earn any money from your videos in the early days of your channel, and you should focus your efforts on posting high-quality, entertaining content instead.

Eventually, however, you’ll most likely want to turn your beauty side hustle into a full-time career. Common signs that its time to quit your day job and work for yourself include:

  • Recurring burnout;
  • Feeling professionally unfulfilled;
  • Reduced effectiveness at work;
  • A growing passion for your side hustle.

If you’ve exhausted your career options and are suffering from burnout, you can turn to your beauty YouTube channel to increase your earning and find professional fulfillment.

Starting a beauty channel is a particularly good idea if you already have a niche. You can use your niche to talk about beauty-related debates like reframing the concept of anti-aging. This will bring more viewers to your page and help you land subscribers.


Increasing Your Earnings

Building online your following doesn’t exactly happen overnight, so how exactly can you make money on Youtube? Becoming a YouTube partner is a great way to start, as it provides a direct source of income via advertisements that run on your channel before, during, or after your content. You’ll receive a portion of the revenue generated by ads and will gain access to additional insights. You do, however, need to have a thousand subscribers and meet YouTube’s minimum watch hours.

Becoming a partner allows you to post branded merchandise and sell products through your e-commerce presence. Remember to lean on affiliate marketing, too, as beauty brands will often pay for you to review their products and direct consumers to their websites.

You can also increase your earnings by focusing on different methods that will build your fanbase. For example, you can utilize the live-stream feature to engage with fans and answer any questions they may have about your beauty tips. Folks who want to have their comments highlighted will “tip” you and send a few dollars for a shout-out or supportive message.


Planning Your Posts

YouTube rewards regular posting and high-quality content. However, coming up with great content at the moment is tricky. Instead, try to plan your posts and create a marketing campaign that bolsters the long-term growth of your page.

Align your content calendar with seasonal trends for maximum effect. Different seasons require different approaches to beauty, so you’ll always need to update your content to reflect spring, summer, fall, and winter fashions.

Remember to craft some evergreen content, too. Evergreen content will always be relevant to your audience — regardless of seasonal fluctuations and trends in fashion. Craft a few high-quality evergreen pieces like “how-to” videos and deep dives into major beauty brands. These videos will be the backbone of your YouTube channel and will ensure that you have consistent viewership even when you aren’t posting.

Intersperse YouTube shorts between your regular, longer videos. YouTube shorts are a short-form medium that can drive traffic toward your channel. They’re a great way to capture your audience's attention and should serve an important role within your larger content-generation calendar.


Content Ideas

Regularly posting beauty-related content is easy at first. If you provide a fresh perspective about the brands, styles, and products, others will flock to your channel, at first. However, experiencing “writer’s block” is an all-too-common occurrence on the app. Many content creators often go through periods of stagnation when it comes to new content ideas.

Switch things up by posting content themed around current trends and news items. This will ensure that your beauty channel is relevant to your wider audience and can help you capture the interest of new viewers.

Intersperse longer-form, informative videos and invite guest speakers to weigh in on topics like preventative health measures. Guest features and interviews will fill out the remainder of your monthly content calendar and take some of the pressure off you to completely generate all of the content alone.

If you’re struggling to create new content, consider reaching out to your audience. A quick survey can give you direction and help build community amongst your followers. You can even live-stream a Q+A to help with idea generation and show some love to the folks who tune in to your channel.



YouTube is a great platform to share your voice, especially in the beauty community. It gives you more space to discuss detailed topics and can help you build a profitable brand ambassador affiliate program. Just be sure to plan your posts and engage with your followers across multiple platforms.


Author by: Luke Smith