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Essential Oil Face Mask Spray

October 16, 2020 2 min read

Essential Oil Face Mask Spray

Face masks are now a part of everyday life. They are highly recommended by scientists and doctors around the world to help keep us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a plus, they’re reusable and much more eco-friendly than disposable medical masks.

Whatever your stance is on whether or not masks work or not, they’re an unavoidable part of most people’s lives. Many places of employment are requiring them for their employees, and now they are required by most establishments by visitors and shoppers.

However, once you’ve worn a fabric face mask for a while, they start to get worn out. Wearing them for long periods of time can become uncomfortable and irritating. These refreshing essential oil sprays can help keep your mask smelling great and give you a quick pick-me-up while you’re at it. Many essential oils have mood-boosting properties.

Note that while many essential oils are known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties, this spray is created as a fragrance for aromatherapy and to refresh your mask. This is not a replacement for washing your mask, and you should still wash or replace your mask on a daily basis.

This spray has three ingredients:

Pure essential oils that are great for refreshing the mask and uplifting your mood.

Distilled water is recommended because it is free from contaminants that may interact with the essential oils.

Witch Hazel helps to spread the scent of the essential oils and help them to last longer and stronger.

Here are a few great scent combinations:

Fall Leaves: Orange and Cinnamon

Orange is a bright, citrusy scent that wakes you up, while cinnamon is a deeper, spicy scent that is perfect for fall. Putting these two aromas together reminds me of fall harvests and pumpkin patches.

Forest Walk: Cedarwood and Rosemary

Cedarwood is a warm, woodsy scent that pairs wonderfully with the herby smell that rosemary gives. These two invoke memories of walking through an evergreen forest as the weather turns cooler.

Relax & Refresh: Lavender and Bergamot

If relaxation and refreshment is what you’re looking for, this duo is exactly what you need. Lavender is a relaxing scent any time of day and bergamot is a slightly warmer citrus, perfect for a pick me up that leaves you feeling great.

Essential Oil Face Mask Spray

1 tsp witch hazel

Distilled water

2-5 drops of essential oil

Mix all of the ingredients in the spray bottle. Shake lightly to combine.

Spray the outside of your mask lightly and allow to dry completely before using.