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Best Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Beauty & Wholesale Skincare Industry

March 03, 2023 5 min read

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Beauty & Wholesale Skincare Industry

The beauty and skincare industry is flourishing in the United States with a total revenue of over $85 billion this year. The reason is that 85% of American women apply 16 or more cosmetic products regularly.

The number of beauty products has increased with over 4,305 cosmetics companies in the US.

As a wholesaler in this industry, you’ve to adopt some strategies to survive in the tough competition.

Take advantage of the booming B2B eCommerce and follow our guide on the best online marketing tactics to succeed.


Researching Cosmetics eCommerce Platforms

Research is necessary before planning a marketing strategy. For promoting your business and products online, check out various eCommerce portals which deal in cosmetics. It helps you to understand how these platforms work. You can also learn their promotional tactics by studying them thoroughly.

For example, Cosmetix Club is a wholesale eCommerce website where you can buy cosmetics of all categories in bulk manufactured by famous brands.

Gain extensive knowledge of wholesale cosmetics eCommerce to design your marketing strategies effectively.

Don’t be similar to others as some things can work out for them and not for you. In fact, point out their weak areas and try to improve in those areas. Facilitate your customers by providing them with benefits and features which others don’t.


Delivering Testimonials and Product Reviews

Case studies and testimonials are very important in converting customers as the positive experience of previous buyers motivates them to confide in you as a reliable source.

According to Webdam Solutions, customer testimonials have been the most effective way to promote content for 89% of marketers.[1]

Cosmetics brands have been very successful with testimonials and have earned favorable product reviews.

Just check out the way major brands like Dove, L’Oreal, and Ponds use testimonials to promote their products and their fanbase continues to grow.

Keep contacting the customers who’ve bought from you and provide them with good services. Encourage them to post positive reviews of your products if they’re satisfied with them.

Display their reviews and don’t hesitate to show even negative reviews. It’s a good measure to attract audiences.


Producing Valuable Content

Content is an important part of today’s B2B digital marketing. A study conducted by FocusVision reveals that B2B buyers consume an average of 13 pieces of content.[2]

Similarly, when you’re promoting wholesale beauty products, you need to produce useful and informative content with value for your target audience.

To produce valuable content for your audience, first, understand them and then create it tailored according to their needs.

If your content provides a viable solution to the customers’ problems or entertains their requirements, you can attract their attention. It influences your target audience chiefly in developing interest in your services.

Content marketing can include content of various types including blogs, videos, and podcasts.

Precisely discuss various relevant topics which can include material and insights related to the industry that builds awareness for your brand.

Examples of content include beauty products and how these products can improve your looks. You can discuss the importance of these cosmetics in improving your skin and so much more.


Selling Products on B2B Marketplaces

Online B2B marketplaces are currently the fastest-growing digital sales channels according to research by Digital Commerce 360.

Marketplaces are popular amongst both sellers and buyers. This is due to the benefits these provide to users.

You can easily reach many buyers by selling wholesale skincare products on famous marketplaces like Alibaba and SeeBiz.

If you pay a minimal amount to these marketplaces, you can get a lot of cool features. These platforms extensively promote your business on multiple digital mediums such as marketplace homepage, social media handles, or search engines.

It’s a very cost-effective measure for establishing your online presence.


Promoting Extensively on Social Media

Social media is a great medium to promote your wholesale beauty business online. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are currently some of the top social media platforms in terms of popularity and effectiveness in marketing.

A majority of B2B marketers use Facebook for their marketing purposes.[3] However, when you talk about effective lead generation, LinkedIn tops the list of social media platforms.[4]

Don’t make a decision on selecting either one of them. You should use all of these platforms. Create posts like advertisements, wonderfully crafted campaigns, and videos on your social media handles.

And since it takes much time to post and comment on all of the channels simultaneously, you can schedule your posts with tools like SproutSocial. These tools help you to publish your posts at any desirable time in the future.

You can connect with your target audience through social media in many ways. A major way to do this is to join relevant business groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Search these groups by entering search queries such as “wholesale cosmetics supplier USA” or “wholesale cosmetics vendor USA”. And strengthen business relationships with wholesale vendors and suppliers of your relevant industry.

Build a strong community with retail vendors of the beauty industry through these business groups.

Engage with them via posts and ask for their opinions via polls and surveys. Discuss important topics with them.

Also use the marketplaces option on Facebook, through which you can join groups and share your offerings in these groups.

Along with marketing, also leverage social listening with tools like Hubspot and Hootsuite to understand how buyers are responding to your brand or other businesses.


Endorsing Through Beauty Influencers

Social media has allowed many content creators to become quickly viral and their increasing popularity has helped them to develop large fanbases.

Audiences follow these influencers and trust them as reliable sources. 86% of the B2B marketers have been very successful with influencer marketing, according to Top Rank Marketing research.[5]

To succeed in marketing, you should capitalize on the popularity of beauty bloggers or beauty influencers such as Huda Kattan and Safiya Nygaard.

These celebrities have a fan following of millions. Their followers consider them to be reliable and trustworthy in terms of topics related to fashion and makeup.

Their increased popularity on mediums like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can help your B2B brand in experiencing an increase in sales.

You can pay them to endorse your brand through their videos, posts, and product reviews.

For example, if you’re selling bulk eyeliners, the influencer can convince viewers by posting a video on how to wear these on your eyes.


Conducting Webinars

Engage in live communication with your audiences by conducting webinars which are a great way to convey your message.

Webinars are useful as you can share various insights and important information with your audiences.

You can demonstrate your beauty and skincare products to your viewers with various tools. These include video communication and live streaming tools like Zoom, Skype, and Streamyard.

They ask you questions on the spot via an open forum and you respond to them, making it easier for you to know your buyers.

According to research by Statista, 89% of marketers believe webinars are the best way to get qualified leads.[6]



We’re hopeful that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading our guide and learned important strategies to promote your wholesale beauty and skincare business online.

Embrace the future and invest in digital marketing to achieve outcomes that positively impact your revenue.


Author by: Sylvia Dougherty



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