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Essential Oil Roll On Set 10 ML - Sweet Dreams, Headache Relief and Breathe Easy

Essential Oil Roll On Set 10 ML - Sweet Dreams, Headache Relief and Breathe Easy

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Our Radha Beauty Essential Oil Roll Ons is an extraordinary collection of Sweet Dreams, Breathe Easy and Headache Relief. Great for traveling or giving as a gift!

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Our Radha Beauty Roll On Set is an extraordinary collection of three (10mL each) oil blends that can be used for every day use or as a nice gift.

Pure Essential Oil Roll On Set:

  • Sweet Dreams- Can help soothe the emotions and promote a good night’s rest.  This blend is calming, allowing you to relax, feel serene, and fall asleep.
  • Breathe Easy- Inspire...and respire. Opens you up and gives you a breath of fresh air. Can help calm the system and promote nights of well-deserved sleep. 
  • Headache Relief- Can help you safely and effectively treat stubborn headaches, getting to the root of the problem instead of minimizing the pain temporarily.

We ensure high quality, steam-distilled, 100% pure oils. Suitable for all skin types, with no additives, fillers, bases or carriers added.

We provide the products you LOVE with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we guarantee a full refund while providing the products as a gift to you, on us!

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  • Apply to pressure points on the body, such as the temples;
  • Behind the ears
  • Bottoms of the feet
  • Inside of the wrist
  • Or really anywhere that feels good to you!
Latest Reviews
Linda Rodriguez
Absolutely LOVE these! Just roll them on depending on your symptoms. They are all a super convenient size. I carry mine with me because I get frequent headaches and suffer from allergies/ sinuses. The oil is contained in a glass bottle, not plastic which is a win for those who prefer glass over plastic.
Kim W.
As with all Radha Beauty products these oils are wonderful. I used the Sweet Dreams on my daughter and within minutes she was asleep! I tried the Headache Relief when I felt a headache coming on and it went away almost immediately. I use the Breathe easy right under my nose to help with my allergies and that gives me instant relief also. Thanks Radha Beauty for all your wonderful products. I don't know how I lived without them all these years!
I love all Radha oils and I was so happy the finally came out with these oil roll on's. They work great. Smell wonderful as all there oils do. I find this easy to use and easy to carry around in my purse or car to use any time. I will continue to order more, love this company and what quality products they make.
Emily Holloway
My family LOVES these! My kids love the sleepy roller and love to put it on their feet before bed. It also really helps with anxiety and smells amazing!
Linda Francis
Love the roller in these it makes it so easy to put on without waste. Small and easy to carry in your purse. Most useful for my headaches & to help with sleep.

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