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Aromatherapy Set

Aromatherapy Set

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120ml Diffuser: This innovative aroma diffuser transforms the mixture of water and essential oils into an uplifting experience that relaxes your body with invigorating fragrances. Perfect for home, yoga, office, spa, bedroom and baby room to refresh the air and humidify your space.

Aromatherapy Top 6 Basic Set: One of the many things we love about essential oils is their versatility. Our oils can be used individually or combined for aromatherapy, skin healing and conditioning, and even repelling insects! Great for traveling, gifts, or experiencing a little bit of everything in your oil collection.  
Latest Reviews
Lauren S.
"Great smell, I have been using these for over a month and have figured out which combos I really enjoy too. The smell lasts as long as the water does in my humidifier and the smells are very true to what they are. Its a great variety pack and will def buy from this brand again!".
Kathleen C
"I love all six scents and have used them in my diffuser every day since I got them. It was well packaged and the seller reached out a few days after I received the product to ensure I was happy. I absolutely recommend this set."
Pam M
"This was my first order of Essential Oils. I love that this set contains the most popular oils while I am learning about them. I also like that they are pure with no additives. Love that it comes with a card explaining the benefits of each oil. The customer service with this seller is exceptional. I am already checking out their other products."
Kelly B.
"This is an incredible deal for the price. Since you really don't need that many drops to put in your diffuser, these will last you forever. You also get a wide enough variety of scents that you will never be bored."
Lauren D.
"These oils have done so much for me in the past few days! Right before I go to bed I put a few drops of lavender into my diffuser and sleep magically. Whenever I am feeling anxious or stressed I drop in the peppermint and it soothes my mind. These are great for beginners!"
Haley P..
"I just recently began an interest in diffusing essential oils and bought this starter pack of six oils with my first diffuser. They're great! The scent is very potent, but not too overwhelming. I just put a few drops in the water in my diffuser and the scents fill the whole room. The bottles are small, but since you only need a very small amount at a time, I think they'll last me a while. I also appreciate the informational card that comes in the box, explaining the different benefits of each type of oil. If you're looking to diffuse or enjoy the benefits of essential oils, this is a very nice variety of oils to get you started!"

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