GROWERS ALLIANCE: Organic Guatemalan Ground Coffee, 12 oz

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Guatemalan coffee has a tartly sweet, lemony and blueberry notes with a complexly layered sensation that combines suggestions of ripe citrus, fresh-cut fir, cocoa and fragrant flowers. It has a delicate, but rich acidity and a finish that has a very smooth and silky texture and a sweet-toned but slightly dry finish. This coffee is from a coffee growing in Guatemala that is called Antigua which is internationally renowned for its high-quality coffees. This region is located between three volcanoes in a valley with a climate perfect for cultivating coffee. The soils are young and optimal for coffee. The wet and dry seasons are defined for uniform maturation. The temperature ranges from 19-22 C (66.2-71.6°F) and the altitude is between 4,600 and 5,600 feet. Annual rainfall is between 800-1,200 mm and the humidity is constant at 65%. Organic Guatemalan Antigua Coffee is described as having a full and velvety body, a rich and lively aroma, and a fine acidity. Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai coffee beans are grown in this region and harvested between January and mid-March. This is an award winning coffee that is both Fair Trade & USDA Organic certified which means that the coffee guarantees farmers a fair price, fair labor conditions, and environmentally sustainable farming that protect farmer’s health and preserve our valuable ecosystems. This is premium specialty coffee of gourmet quality that comes from 100% Arabica bean and it is grown in the shade and on high altitude.
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