BLAKE HILL: Cranberry & Orange Chutney, 9.4 oz

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Heaps of Vermont cranberries slowly simmered with oranges, heirloom apples, raisins & our own special spice blend including cinnamon & cloves creates a deliciously fruity, tart with just a light touch of sweetness, chutney.! Always a favorite at this time of year, our high fruit, low added sugar, Cranberry & Orange chutney with Cinnamon & Cloves is inspired by all the wonderful flavors that burst forth during the holidays. This beautifully rich yet delightfully fruity chutney is packed with local cranberries that are simmered with some of our favorite heirloom apples (e.g. Reine des Reinettes, Belle De Boskoop and Northern Spy), oranges, raisins, apple cider vinegar, just a touch of pure cane sugar, and coriander & cloves. This special chutney is perfect with roast turkey, chicken and roasted root veggies - esp. our favorite parsnips! Or simply spread this chutney onto thick-sliced country bread, add a slice of aged Cheddar and you have the fixings for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich!
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