GROWING NATURALS: Organic Chocolate Rice Protein Powder, 33.6 oz

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The Protein Evolution is here! Now infused with premium flavors, the low carb,  organic rice protein is a more awesome taste experience. Packed with essential amino acids it is still the most allergen-friendly protein you’ll find — just better.
Check out how many servings you get and so much more. New 15g protein scoops fit what most people are looking for to fill their protein gap. Just use 1-1/2 scoops if you’re going for 24g or 2 scoops for 30g. Always recognizable by the orange lid, the new look reflects how clean and pure we’re committed to keeping our rice and pea proteins.
What hasn’t changed is how easily digested and effective this organic rice protein is. As a matter of fact, recent clinical studies featuring UFC fighters have shown that this rice protein is as effective as whey protein at building strength and muscle plus helping recovery after exercise — but without the allergens, cholesterol or dairy-bloat.

Ingredients List: