HEALTHEE: Pork Bites Honey Teriyaki, 4 oz

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A remarkable twist on a classic treat!  HONEY TERIYAKI:  Our Honey Teriyaki Pork Jerky combines the natural sweetness of honey and the savory tanginess of teriyaki pork to make a mouthwatering snack—easily enjoyed anytime! ALL HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: Unlike other jerky products, we don’t add any unnatural preservatives to our healthy snacks! We keep our products fresh and long lasting with honey, celery powder, and vacuum-sealed packaging. Our premium chunks of lean, hormone-free US pork is finely prepared in-house with all natural ingredients to ensure the best possible quality and taste. We prepare our jerky through a slow and careful cooking process using an open flame grill. Our signature glaze brings out the pork’s natural flavors. Try it today! Contrary to other jerky products, we do not add nitrites or nitrates and use all natural celery powder to preserve our jerky.  LOW FAT CONTENT: Our premium jerky boasts amazing flavors without the high fat content often found in typical jerky products!
Ingredients List: