GY-NA TREN: Dual-Action Vaginal Health Kit 2 Bottles, 1 pk

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Gy-Na-Tren - Homeopathic Treatment for Feminine Health Easy to use dual-action system for restoring and maintaining optimal feminine health. GY-NA•TREN is your reliable and dependable choice for vaginal health. GY-NA•TREN is the only dual-action kit (Oral Probiotic Supplement and Vaginal Homeopathic Treatment with a National Drug Code) available today. GY-NA•TREN, the first ever multi-level approach is an innovative formulation for complete vaginal health. Each kit comes with two bottles of 14 capsules each for a dual-action approach to vaginal health. Vaginal Homeopathic Treatment provides 7 active anti-fungalingredients formulated to provide temporary relief of symptoms associated with vaginal yeast overgrowth.^ Oral Probiotic Supplement provides Lactobacillus acidophilus NAS super strain, 5 billion cfu for optimal vaginal and urinary health.* A dual-action approach to relieving symptoms at the source and replenishing the microflora natural to every woman’s body for continued vaginal health.
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