BOBS RED MILL: White Hulled Sesame Seeds, 16 oz

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These tiny seeds can be used in countless dishes: their nutty taste enhances hamburger buns, popcorn, sushi rolls, crackers, bread, cookies, granola and so much more. Or grind raw sesame seeds into the sesame seed paste known as tahini and add it to garbanzo beans, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil to create incredible homemade hummus. These seeds can also be toasted to intensify their flavor: toasted sesame seeds are excellent in salad dressing, ice cream (really!) or ground into sesame butter, another fantastic sesame paste.
These nutritious seeds may offer health benefits as well: they're an excellent source of minerals like magnesium and zinc and a good source of iron. They're also high in dietary fiber and offer 7 grams of protein per serving! These seeds are also valued for their sesame oil-in fact, they have a higher oil content than any other seed. See the full nutritional values on the package.
The shelf life of our white sesame seeds is a full two years. Due to the high oil content, they keep best refrigerated or frozen after opening.

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