HENGSTENBERG: 1876 Whole Grain Mustard, 9.5 oz

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Things are now going to get a little coarse: however, the rôtisseur will take it all in its stride. Rôtisseur, rôtisseur … remind me, what's that again? (Pay attention - here comes the educational part. After all a little learning never did anyone any harm!) In French cuisine, the rôtisseur is the roast cook responsible for everything from the pan or grill to the fryer. And because coarse-grained mustard can tolerate particularly high temperatures, rôtisseurs like to use it a lot. That's why coarse-grained mustard is also sometimes called "rôtisseur mustard". (Now, that's quite enough learning for one day). Whole Grain Mustard from Hengstenberg 1876 is certainly one for the discerning palate. Coarse-ground mustard seeds give the product a real bite. Coarse mustard is the perfect marinade for grilled meat and the ideal choice as a sandwich spread or a topping for a barbecued sausage.

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