Wholesale Form

As a rapidly growing company, Radha Beauty is expanding across the US and internationally.

Now is the ideal time to capitalize on the demand for our amazing brand!

Are you ready to build or expand your business?

Check out our catalog and fill out a customer intake form and our sales team will contact you shortly after with further details. We look forward to working with you!


Wholesale FAQ:

Are there any special requirements prior to becoming a wholesaler?
Absolutely not! We look forward to helping you expose everyone to our amazing, all-natural products. Each application is reviewed individually. We work with many large distributors; however, we also have smaller business partners that grew into larger regional distributors.

Is there a minimum monthly order requirement?
To open a Radha Beauty wholesale account, there is a $2,500 minimum order requirement. We understand that each market is different and grows at its own rate. After the first order, you are free to place subsequent orders at your own pace.

Are there any commerce restrictions?
Typically, we have no restrictions on any type of retail sales. For e-commerce, you are limited to your proprietary domain domestically. Also, Amazon is limited as a marketplace worldwide.

Are there any other sales policies I have to follow?
We have a few standard policies including Minimum Advertising Pricing, Order Cancellation, and Returns Policy. Please email wholesale@radhabeauty.com and one of our sales representatives will be in contact with you to provide further details. Feel free to ask us anything!