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The Return to my Natural Roots

GROWING UP IN SINGAPORE to parents of South Indian, Nepalese and Chinese heritage, a beauty regimen that consisted of using flowers and natural oils to nourish my hair, skin and nails was customary. They were practices incorporated into my daily routine to provide crucial nutrients to my body as a child.

My mother lathered my hair with various rich, aromatic oils. She treated my skin with natural oil mixtures of turmeric, coconut, argan, jojoba, frankincense and tea tree oils. It was a kind of spiritual experience, all while preserving natural beauty. In the end, her concoctions left my skin insanely soft, supple and most importantly, blemish-free!

To my surprise (and relief!) I got much better, much faster.

As a child, due to all the traveling I did, I often fell ill. Soon enough, my much admired long, lustrous hair lost its healthy radiance. Initially, my parents tried nursing me back to health with medication. When that failed to make me feel better – and she took into account the awful side effects of over-the-counter medication – my mother turned to our natural roots.

She whipped up an assortment of natural mixtures of oils, herbs and water. She made me inhale, consume or smear these different natural mixtures all over my body. To my surprise (and relief!), I got much better, much faster. My hair, skin and nails soon regained their healthy glow, and since then, I rarely get sick.

Love & Light,

Rebekah Letch