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How Radha Beauty Oils are Produced

How Radha Oils Are Produced


Step 1: Sourcing Our Oils

Our potent essential and carrier oils come straight from nature in the form of leaves, nuts, seeds and fruits.  Radha works with farmers and collectives all over the world to ensure sustainability and the highest quality oils! 

Step 2: Our Extraction Process

Radha Beauty uses both cold pressing and steam distillation for our 100% pure essential oils.

Cold pressing uses spikes to prick the fruit's rind and expel the essential oils. To purify the oils from water and fruit juice, they are filtered and centrifuged to separate the essential oil from other plant material. 

For steam distillation, steam is injected into a sealed still at high pressures and temperatures. It slowly breaks down the plant material and removes its volatile components, which rise up into a condenser, and cool into a concentrated liquid form. 

Step 3: Radha’s Testing Standards

Oil is then placed in a holding tank and undergoes comprehensive quality control testing to confirm the following: 

  • Organoleptic assessment (odor, appearance)
  • Visual evaluation (color, clarity, foreign materials, etc.)
  • Specific gravity
  • Optical rotation
  • Refractive index
  • Flash Point
  • Solubility (usually in ethanol) & a full range of product specific tests 

Step 4: Packaging & Delivery

Our oils are then packed and lot coded. Each oil is bottled and labeled with the utmost care using state-of-the-art equipment. We ship our oils worldwide and ensure the best quality to our customers so they can continue their journey to a healthier, more natural lifestyle!