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Our Story- 

Growing up in an indian home in South-East Asia, I was constantly bathed in oils. Oil baths were part of my regime growing up. As a kid, I would attend different traditional events that happened in my home.  And they all involved bathing in oils and adorning oils on hair, morning of the ‘Festival of lights’, and even before going to school etc.

Over the next 10 years, I worked with some of the world's best makeup artists as a professional ballet dancer and model. However, I noticed that after each session, my face would either break out, or get really dry and flaky. The more I learned about the toxic chemicals in most cosmetics, the more I wondered: did beauty have to be bad for us?

Couldn't makeup combine high performance with healthy ingredients? No way, I was told; professional-level performance and a luxe feel require chemicals. In other words, luxury requires not having a conscience.

I couldn't accept that. I wanted cosmetics that embodied luxury and conscience -- cosmetics that were sexy and fun, high quality and organic, effective and good for Mother Earth. Conventional wisdom said "dream on.” 

So I started dreaming. 

In 2014, I started Radha Beauty, with our 100% pure and natural Oils and our natural skincare line. We partner with earth-loving, women-empowering organizations, use eco-friendly packaging, and we never stop striving to improve our products and our impact on the world.

A woman's true beauty, the kind that's real and ageless, comes from happiness and fulfillment, health and confidence. Here's to looking good, feeling good, and doing good. And remember: if anyone tells you to "dream on," take their advice and start dreaming.

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