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Spa Vapor Pro Diffuser

Spa Vapor Pro Diffuser

Say hello to wonderful aromas and enjoy the many benefits of our pure essential oils with this a beautiful Spa Vapor Pro diffuser from GreenAir! It combines modern design and performance to bring the best possible aromatherapy to your home or office.
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SpaVapor Pro Diffuser: 

The SpaVapor Pro keeps your favorite essential oils in the air as long as you want them. This essential oil diffuser is perfect for creating an environment that is personalized to your needs.

  • Color:¬†White
  • LED Lights:¬†Rotating color change: blue, green, red
  • Misting Modes:¬†Misting On/Off
  • Light Modes:¬†Off or Rotating Lights or Stop on One Color
  • Capacity:¬†150 ml / 5.07 fl oz
  • Run Time:¬†Up to 8 hours
  • Coverage:¬†Up to 400 square feet
  • Voltage:¬†100-240V AC


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