Latika is a family-owned, Austin based company.

We are known for combining clean ingredients and effective formulations with creative product design to elevate our customer’s daily care routine and create gifts that inspire self-care.

Core Values:

  • Inspire Self Care
  • Be Kind To Our Planet
  • Be Transparent
  • Make great products.
  • Make it fun

Founder Story

Mazzi Peled
Founder & CEO

Mazzi is the founder, visionary, and creative soul behind the innovative line of products.

Growing up with a mother who is an aromatherapist and skin esthetician has inspired her to produce her own natural products and combining them with her love for design.

Mazzi started Latika as a college student in Israel. What started as a line of fun dessert soaps evolved through the years to include creams, scrubs, skin care, and what the company is best known for today: Mess free, ultra moisturizing, beautiful bath bombs.

Erez brings his organizational skills to Latika, having served in the Israeli military for a decade.

He is in charge of running all operations in Latika, from the logistics of selling in different markets to streamlining all systems to work in harmony.

Erez also oversees the company’s financials, purchasing, and budgeting departments.

He is a professional photographer and responsible for the company’s product images.

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