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Candles + Teas

We aim to assist you in naturally regaining strength by providing premium Natural Candles and the finest Organic Teas of the world:

Our hand-blended ORGANIC TEAS are designed to Cleanse, Relax and Energize – in that sequence. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ or ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ is what our loose leaf teas provide by enhancing your clarity and balance from the inside out.

Our NATURAL CANDLES are the vehicle to transport the unique aromas of places with exceptional natural beauty to your home, so that the flame can transcend you to distant places of majestic beauty and natural energy. Every candle we ship is hand-poured in the US and made of a proprietary, 100% natural wax blend to allow the cleanest burn, while providing the purest and richest scent. 

At Candles + Teas we are here for you to escape the stress of the daily grind, to relax, and be happy!

Embrace your natural beauty

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