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100% Pure Radha Eucalyptus Oil

100% Pure Radha Eucalyptus Oil

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Radha Eucalyptus Oil is an ideal oil to promote feelings of clear breathing and open airways and for creating a soothing massage experience. Eucalyptus has purifying properties that can be beneficial for the skin and for cleansing surfaces and the air.
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Our 4 oz Eucalyptus Oil is a powerful and colorless oil that comes from the leaves of the eucalyptus plant. It has a strong woodsy, yet fragrantly sweet aroma and offers multiple health benefits. 

What it does:
Eucalyptus has been known to aid in improving common cold symptoms (such as cough and congestive issues) and ongoing respiratory problems. This oil is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory, which may make it a great topical ingredient in many medicinal concoctions. In addition to remedying skin conditions, it may dually rehydrate the skin while treating irritated skin tissues. 

Not only used for medicinal purposes, it may aid in disinfecting household bacteria in place of harsh chemical cleaners. The benefits of cleaning with this effective oil may help to eliminate many contagious germs from the home. This exquisite, refined essential oil may help provide a safe way to naturally cleanse yourself and your home, for a happier earth.

Ideal for:
  • Cold symptoms
  • Bacterial & viral infections
  • Boosting Immunity
  • Skin moisture and healing
  • Aromatic freshness of home

    *Individual results may vary.

    We ensure high quality, 100% pure oils that are suitable for all skin types, with no additives or fillers. Made with natural ingredients, our advanced formulas are designed to provide beauty with a conscience.

    We provide the products you LOVE with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we guarantee a full refund while providing the products as a gift to you, on us!

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    • Diffuse 1-3 drops in our Essential Oil Diffuser 
    • Place a carrier oil* on your palm first, add 1-2 drops of essential oil, and proceed to rub into neck, back, areas that need therapeutic attention
    • Add 1-2 drops onto a cotton swab and inhale for a few seconds to clear respiratory congestion
    • Add a few drops to a spray bottle or oil burner to freshen up your home

    *A carrier oil is a natural way to boost absorption and therapeutic properties of other topical oils. Never waste a drop when pairing with high-absorbency carrier oils! We provide high quality carrier oils and recommend to use with our versatile fractionated coconut oil.

    Latest Reviews
    Nice BIG bottle of essential Oil and smells great. Perfect for this time of year. I've been putting 5 drops Eucalyptus and 5 drops Peppermint Oil in my diffuser every night before bed. This seems to help keep my sinus clear during the Autumn allergy season. The enclosed dropper is high grade glass with a rubber and plastic "screw on" top. Very nice to have this as I can leave it in the bottle after opening and still close the bottle securely after each use. I was very impressed with how well it was packaged to prevent any breakage. The bottle and enclosed dropper both came wrapped in plastic bubble wrap in a small box so they didn't move around during shipping. The small box was then placed in another sturdy cardboard box for shipping with bubble pouches to take up extra space so the small box didn't move around.
    For both the product and the customer service, wish I could give Radha Beauty more than five stars: The oil is powerful, smells just like what eucalyptus is supposed to smell like – the entire family uses it in all our rooms, we'll be going through many bottles in the future. Contacted their customer service and was handled by the most kind, courteous and responsive representative I've dealt with in years. Bravo, Radha Beauty!
    Radha essential oils seem to be amongst the most aromatic for the price. Eucalyptus oil in particular smells fabulous and also has many health benefits for those Who may have health conditions that they choose to treat with eastern medicine or a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. Plus eucalyptus oil is yet another fabulous oil to use with wool dryer balls to replace chemical fabric softeners for every day laundry use. You can experiment with it and create your own signature blends. Love this oil!
    I am a big Radha Beauty fan. Their products are superior quality and the cost is much more than fair. I have used the essential oils from the two 'major' distributors and find that Radha Beauty oils are just as fine and lovely as those. I find very little if no difference in the scent or the usage. I use this to make lovely room sprays, It works wonders in smelly shoes!. I mixed with with some peppermint oil and a little lemon or orange for lovely scents. You can use lots of different combinations, but the Eucalyptus is great for dissinfecing/deodorizing. I defintely recommend this oil!
    Vikki Cristiná
    Absolutely love my 2 big bottles of the Lavender and eucalyptus essential oils! I originally ordered the starter set a few months back, loved the set, but really loved those two. I bought a diffuser for my parents and ordered them the same set also. They love it. Then my cousin asked me about my oils and she ordered 4 sets of them for her already purchased diffusers and loved them as well! I really love your products and when I run out, will order from you again! The packaging was excellent and very protective. And I adore the glass bottles and droppers! Thank you.

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