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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day ūüĆé

April 22, 2019 2 min read

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day ūüĆé

Happy Earth Day Beauties!

Today is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the natural wonders of planet earth, from its abundance of water to vibrant ecosystems! But while there is so much beauty to entice our five senses there is also an environmental risk that is detrimental to our future, and it's our job to protect the planet we call home!

More now than ever our planet needs us and there are many ways we can try to help preserve the beauty that surrounds us. There are 5 contributions I vow to our planet every day.

- Recycle
- Reuse
- Conserve
- Volunteer
- Educate

We all have habits; however, change is possible. If you are wondering what small changes you can start today to ensure a healthier planet for the future. Take a look at my list of 15 eco-friendly actions. I’m sure you will find a few to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Here are a few small ways you can help the earth every day!

  1. Buy from the farmers market and chat with the farmers about their sustainable practices
  2. Plant trees
  3. Grow food from your scraps and start a garden
  4. Redistribute your resources  
  5. Experiment with some delicious plant-based meals.  
  6. Make sure you're¬†recycling correctly‚ÄĮ¬†¬†
  7. Swap packaged and processed food/snacks for package-free options 
  8. Make your own green cleaners  
  9. Green your¬†skincare¬†routine‚ÄĮ¬†¬†
  10. Green your makeup routine 
  11. Choose reusable products over disposable products  
  12. Use house plants to filter the air and open the windows 
  13. Make¬†homemade DIY¬†tooth powder¬†or‚ÄĮdeodorant¬†
  14. If it's less than 2 miles walk or bike‚ÄĮ¬†
  15. Go have an adventure and explore the world around you!  
Earth Day should be every day so let’s all remember our incredible planet has given us so much and we no longer can continue to take advantage of it. It’s time for us to work together and rebuild; not just for ourselves, but for our fellow humans! It is time that we form new habits so we can reverse the damage we have caused. Our planet is counting on us!