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Fight Tinea Versicolor with Essential Oils

May 31, 2017 2 min read

Fight Tinea Versicolor with Essential Oils

With summer heat right around the corner, I know the last thing you want to be is covered up. Whether you want to show off that beach bod or you're just trying to keep it light; pesky dark/light spots displayed on your skin are not quite part of your wardrobe.

The cause for these discolorations can be Tinea Versicolor, a fungus that can sometimes grow uncontrollably on the upper body. Even though they don’t hurt physically, it can surely cause emotional distress and a harsh self-reflection. Trust me, it isn't as uncommon as victims may think it is, but no worries, I have great news! There are a couple ofAromatherapy Essential Oils in your arsenal that can help, as well as an oil that you may already have in your kitchen cabinet. Convenient, right?

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is the first. Although it has many great benefits, one of its main usages is for its anti-bacterial and fungal properties. When combined with your kitchen cabinet favorites, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, it may help combat the spread of the fungus. So, take that bottle of Tea Tree Oil that you've been adding to your aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and mix it with some oil you have lying around. Apply the mixture to the infected areas with a cotton ball, then dry. Once dried, rinse the area with warm water. Do this twice a day for several weeks. If you were experiencing any itchiness, this should provide relief.

Cinnamon Oil

If your body finds Tea Tree oil too harsh, try Cinnamon Oil, located in our Top 16 Essential Oil Set. Cinnamon oil is a natural antibacterial and has antiseptic properties It is commonly used for a variety of skin and fungal infections. Coconut Oil has medium-chain fatty acids that work as natural fungicides to help prevent the spread of the fungi responsible for Tinea Versicolor. When Cinnamon essential oil is combined with Coconut Oil, the added benefits may present for a faster recovery. It is another great solution to the fiendish fungi.

Tinea Versicolor is something anyone can develop. There are a number of different variants that play a role in Versicolor, but lucky for you, nature has its remedies and the natural world is at your disposal. Do your research, listen to your body and do what works for you.

Remember while self-treating yourself, always be aware of what your body is experiencing. Pay attention to your skin and see if the change has begun. The sooner you get started with this journey, the sooner you’ll see results. Hurry, get started today, bathing suit shopping has already begun!