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The Surprising Benefits of Avocado in Skincare

March 29, 2023 5 min read

Avocado Face Mask

Treating and taking care of your skin should be an essential part of your everyday life. By looking after your skin, you also mind your mind and mental health, not just your physical appearance. However, how many times have you bought a recommended skincare product that didn’t suit and help you? These problems are frequent. It is hard for us to find a skincare product that is going to be perfect. Chemicals in skincare products can often irritate your skin, especially if it's sensitive. In that case, you should try natural skincare. Always buy verified skincare, something that has already been approved. We are here to discuss using a natural ingredient such as avocado in skincare.

Strengthens Skin’s Natural Barrier

Your skin consists of several layers, which play a significant role in protecting your body. The outer layer, called the stratum corneum, consists of densely arranged squamous cells that resemble a brick wall. The sebaceous glands in the skin secrete lipids that bind together these cells and hold them in place, forming the natural skin barrier. This barrier is naturally slightly acidic. It favors the biochemical processes that allow skin regeneration and renewal. Skin barrier also protects you from UV radiation, pathogenic organisms, and dehydration. Stripping the natural lipid layer leads to excessive shedding of surface skin cells, leaving your skin barrier vulnerable to pathogens and damage. Avocado is a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are necessary for the formation of the natural lipid layer of the skin. In addition, the presence of linoleic and oleic acids ensures that avocados stimulate skin revitalization.

Avocado Oil

Try to make your own face pack from avocado, or find good quality avocado oil and use it daily

Oil-rich avocado is a powerful moisturizer

There are many chemicals that avocado moisturizers contain which nourish your skin and keep it hydrated. Some of the most significant ingredients in avocados that are good for your skin are:

Vitamins A and E are fat-soluble and can easily penetrate the skin and help retain water.

Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid, also known as omega-6. Our body doesn't produce it, so we can only take it in with food. It is crucial in the production of lipids that build the lipid barrier of the skin that keeps it moist.

Biotin helps in the production and distribution of fatty acids in the skin.

Potassium helps regulate water storage in the body, keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

Try to make your own face pack from avocado, or find good quality avocado oil and use it daily. The results will be visible in a short time. 

A women looking in a mirror

Antioxidants in avocado oil make the skin healthy and youthful.

Reduces signs of aging

Collagen is a fibrous protein that makes skin cells adhere to each other and makes the skin elastic. But with age, collagen production in the skin decreases, which is why it becomes wrinkled.

Studies show that avocados are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants protect us from free radicals and the damage they cause. Free radicals can damage cells and accelerate the skin's natural aging process. It leads to fine lines, age spots, and other premature signs of aging. Antioxidants in avocado oil eliminate these harmful products and make the skin healthy and youthful. The abundance of vitamin E and its moisturizing properties will make skin appear less wrinkled. Finally, the sterolins in avocados, vitamins C and E, folate, and copper, increase the production of soluble collagen in the skin and inhibit the enzyme lysyl-oxidase, which breaks down collagen, making our skin look younger.

Avocado in skincare may Improve Certain Skin Conditions

The fats, antioxidants, and vitamins found in avocados can help speed up skin recovery and ease the symptoms of several skin conditions. They help treat dry, irritated, and scaly skin associated with eczema and psoriasis, accelerate the healing of cracked skin, and even out its tone. Eczema and psoriasis symptoms cause a lot of discomfort and frustration. All the ingredients in avocado that hydrate the skin and prevent dryness and flaking will relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. Omega 3 fatty acids and potassium, present in large amounts in avocado, have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to this feature, they enable the reduction of eczema and psoriasis symptoms.

Avocados certainly help your skin, but you also need to listen to your doctor’s advice. Also, pay attention to allergens and mold in your house that can worsen your symptoms. Remove them from your home. Rugs and old furniture which can contain allergens can be put in storage. Professionals at Movers Not Shakers NYC advise you to research the topic of storage since it can be quite useful in this case.

Avocado to help prevent acne

Avocado in skincare, specifically avocado oil, can immensely help and nurture your skin.

Reduced possibility of breakouts

Acne happens for many reasons. Pores clogged by oil and dead skin cells, inadequate hygiene, and unsuitable skincare products are just some of them. Avocado in skincare, specifically avocado oil, can help nurture your skin immensely. It reduces the possibility of breakouts and clears already existing acne. It also deals with skin redness, inflammation, or other blemishes. It soothes, repairs, and hydrates dry skin. Even if you have oily skin – it’s not a problem. Avocado oil suits all skin types. 

You don’t need to use it every day. Practice avocado oil cleansing a couple of times a month. Gently rub it on your skin and then rinse with hot water or a washcloth. 

Naturally exfoliates the skin

Avocado is a natural exfoliant thanks to its high content of antioxidants and minerals. Avocado can gently exfoliate your skin by removing dead cells. Applying avocado to the skin can unclog pores and remove excess oil.

It soothes sunburns

 Excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin burns. Pain and tight skin are immediate unpleasant symptoms, but far more dangerous is that sunburns can lead to skin cancer. Fortunately, avocado can help in such situations because it restores moisture to the skin, soothes it, and accelerates regeneration. Applying avocado to burned skin can reduce redness and inflammation and increase the number of lipids in the skin. The ability of avocado to relieve symptoms is based on the presence of proteins, lecithin, beta carotene, as well as vitamins D and E found in the fruit.


If you have a problem with choosing the right skincare products because your skin gets irritated easily, it’s time to try some products from natural skincare lines. Avocado in skincare is a great solution for reducing acne, redness, eczema, inflammation, or any other condition. It will also reduce aging and give your skin a natural glow.


Author by: Jassica Mendez