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The Perfect Gift Guide for the Essential Oil-Obsessed

November 16, 2020 2 min read

The Perfect Gift Guide for the Essential Oil-Obsessed

So, you’re here because there is someone in your life who is essential-oil obsessed – welcome! Essential oils have so many wonderful properties, from aromatherapy to multi-purpose cleaning to diffusing and massage. This guide will contain wonderful gifts for the everyday essential oil user, although you might get some great inspiration for gifts for beginner essential oil users as well.

I’ve jumped into essential oils with both feet first, and I’m sure that these gifts will make your giftee smile this holiday. There are a few simple things that essential oil lovers look for: quality of the oils, quality of the bottles, and new ways to use essential oils. This list offers all of that and more.

  1. Aromatherapy Top 18 Essential Oil Set
    I think we were all expecting some sort of actual essential oils on this list, right? Jokes aside, this set is a great way to refresh your essential oil-lovers collection. Since this contains all-but-one (Ylang Ylang) of our current essential oils, this is a great way to make sure their collection is complete.
  2. A New Carrier Oil
    Sweet almond oil or fractionated coconut oil are both great options for carrier oils. If the essential oil giftee is using essential oils on their skin (which they most likely are), a carrier oil is necessary to dilute the essential oils for safe topical application. Both oils are very lightly scented and should be able to be used with most essential oil scents.
  3. An Essential Oil Bag
    Whether the essential oil lover in your life has 30 essential oils or eight, there’s an essential bag they can use. We offer 64 count (in faux leather), 32 count, 16 count, and 10 count canvas essential oil bags – a size for everyone! These bags will keep their bottles padded and protected from sunlight.
  4. A Bigger Diffuser
    If the giftee already has a diffuser, why not go for an upgrade? This 160mL diffuser comes in a new, bigger size than our original diffuser. It comes with a wall plug-in adapter, color changing modes, and multiple working modes.
  5. An Aromatherapy Bracelet
    Taking essential oils on the go is a staple of for the oil obsessed. This lava bead aromatherapy bracelet allows for a drop or two of essential oil to last all day long. Perfect for a mood boost anytime of the day.

What do you think? Will you be checking out one of these gifts for the essential oil obsessed in your life? I personally know I would love one of those sets! Thanksgiving is next week, which means Black Friday is right around the corner. Make sure you’re subscribed to our email list to get notified about all the best deals from Radha Beauty.