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5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Shopping

November 13, 2019 4 min read

5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is a fascinating time of year from a social and psychological perspective. It’s a months-long period during which retail advertising, family members, and friends all seem to want you to be happy and share in the holiday cheer. If you’re someone who truly loves the holidays, you might not be able to understand how people could become depressed or worried during all the festivities.

The truth is that unhappiness throughout the end-of-year holidays is more common than you might have thought. For some people, the idea of shopping for gifts in wonderfully decked-out department stores or attending a slew of parties, dinners, and other social events is simply too much to handle.

Whether these people’s ill feelings toward socializing and participating in holiday shopping are related to being alone, having recently lost a loved one, or experiencing financial difficulties, just know that holiday depression is real and actually quite widespread.

However, if you are determined to enjoy the holiday shopping season anyway, Radha Beauty has compiled these five tips for enjoying your holidays, no matter what.

1. Don’t Deviate from Your Schedule

You probably keep a daily or weekly schedule for yourself throughout the year. Logic would dictate that you would not keep such a schedule if you did not enjoy it or if it did not work for you. In this regard, during the holidays, you should keep any routines you have established. Your schedule makes you feel comfortable, and deviating from it solely because of the holidays can make you feel distressed. Stick to what you know.

2. Get Some Help Relaxing

Sometimes in life, you know you have to calm your body if you want to feel better in your mind. But, as you may have noticed, being able to relax when needed is not exactly a skill everyone possesses. If you need a natural, healthy way to help unclench your nerves, try diffusing some essential oils from Radha Beauty. OurRosemary Oil will boost your mental focus and blood circulation, which in turn translate into more energy and an elevated mood. This could be just what you need to get your mind back on track as the holidays approach.

3. Do Not Overindulge

Perhaps after a long, hard day of braving the mall to shop for everybody on your list, you feel like coming home and diving into excessive amounts of food or alcohol. You might think these things will help take the edge off the stressful day you just had. However, the opposite can actually come true. Overeating and drinking could, in the end, worsen your condition. You might feel guilty for treating your body so badly. Just as you tend to your mental health with essential oils such as rosemary, you must also care for your body during the holiday season. Remember to eat and drink everything in moderation, and you will feel much better.

4. Think Minimalism

In the same way that you should moderate your diet during the holidays, you should also think like a minimalist when it comes to spending money. If you have a large family or collection of friends, and you feel like you must buy gifts for them all, it might be wise to take a pause for a moment to think about your bank account. Many people spend money at the holidays because they feel they must participate in the festivities or there is something wrong with them. But sometimes, financial realities should dictate otherwise. Thinking like a minimalist is not such a bad idea if you convince yourself that you can still enjoy the holidays without going all out on buying gifts for other people.

5. Live for Today, Not the Past

Some holiday depression and other stress can be linked to people’s commitments to keeping up traditions. Maybe you were always treated to holiday gifts growing up, and so now you feel as though if you do not perpetuate that habit, you are doing something wrong. The truth is that you are not the same person today as you were 20 years ago. Maturation has real-world effects.

If you go holiday shopping every year like clockwork, without really thinking about it, this could be the time to bring your mind back to today. Part of that might involve you doing more things for yourself without feeling like you are being selfish.

For instance, if you’ve long been wanting to try aDead Sea Mud Mask but have been shying away from treating yourself to such a gift, now is the time to change. This is not to say you must act on every desire you have, but if you truly want to spread cheer to all during the holiday season, that must include yourself.

Following these five tips can make your holiday season go by much faster, if only because your entire attitude toward it has changed. Reining in your spending and taking care of yourself are good ideas all year, but they can come in handy particularly around