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Recycling Beauty Products

June 02, 2020 1 min read

Recycling Beauty Products

Beauty products are just as recyclable as the cans and bottles you (hopefully) recycle everyday! We’ve compiled a guide to recycling beauty products in one easy place. One small change can make a big difference to our planet’s health.

  • Products must be empty. Just 10% of residue can prevent it from being recycled.
  • Products must be clean. Rinse out your products to make sure that residue is all cleaned out.
  • Remove sprayers, droppers, and pieces. Caps might have to be recycled separately.
  • Check with your local recycling program to make sure that your products meet local requirements.

Plastic jars can be rinsed out and thrown in your recycling bin. Check to make sure your cap has the same plastic as your jar by looking for the number in the recycling symbol. If they have the same number, they can be recycled together. If not, simply remove the lid and toss them in the recycling bin separately.

Flexible plastic bottles are able to be recycled as well. Pumps and sprayers go in the trash bin, while caps can be replaced using the same number system described above. Make sure you rinse the bottle out!

Glass jars and bottles are almost always recyclable, but you can check with your local program to make sure they accept all three colors of glass (clear, brown, and blue). Rinse out the bottle or jar and make sure to throw out liners and droppers.