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Using MCT Oil for a Healthy Lifestyle

May 01, 2018 3 min read

Using MCT Oil for a Healthy Lifestyle

Radha Beauty’s MCT Oil, which stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, is a type of saturated fatty acid made with 100% Pure Non-GMO Verified Coconut Oil and known to impact a wide range of health benefits. It is characterized by a specific chemical structure that allows your body to absorb them whole. This makes them more easily digestible and they are used as a source of direct energy.

MCT Oil works when digested and once it’s reached your intestines, it diffuses through your intestinal membrane into your bloodstream and is transported directly to your liver, which naturally converts the oil into ketones (alternative for glucose or body fuel). Your liver then releases the ketones back into your bloodstream, where they are transported throughout your body. They can pass the blood-brain barrier to supply your brain with energy.

Luckily, MCTs are NOT stored as fat and are instead converted to energy. The energy created causes a thermogenic effect, which has a positive effect on your metabolism, helping you to lose weight. It helps increase heat through metabolic stimulation, which moves your bowels. Take precautions and be sure to start off slow and get your body used to the MCT Oil intake. MCT Oil is a dietary supplement and too much can cause it to react as a laxative.

So, what’s in this miracle oil? Radha Beauty’s MCT Oil is comprised of primarily lauric, capric and caprylic fatty acids, and leaves us with a tasteless, odorless, translucent liquid, which should always be taken at room temperature. Not to mention it enhances the absorption of various vitamins and minerals in the body such as Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins – A, D, E, K, beta carotene, and Amino acids.

What are the benefits of MCT Oil?

  1. Great source of immediate energy
  2. Antiviral and antibacterial properties
  3. Helps balance gut bacteria (reduce bloating)
  4. Stabilize blood sugar levels
  5. Helps suppress appetite
  6. Improve fat metabolism – decrease body fat
  7. Improves cognitive performance
  8. Anti-Inflammatory
  9. Support Hormones
  10. Anti-Aging Properties

Want to feel beautiful inside and out?! Our Radha Beauty MCT oil can also be applied topically as well. It’s a great beauty product that can improve your skin and hair. When MCT oil is applied directly to your skin, it will act as a high-quality, concentrated moisturizer. For hair, it acts as a conditioner and can also act as a treatment for dandruff.

If you’re a fan of oil pulling like I am, MCT oil is for you. It can be used for oral hygiene; preventing cavities and plaque, helps to keep the gums in your mouth healthy and promotes fresh breath. Simply put one teaspoon of MCT oil in your mouth, swirl the MCT oil around in your mouth for about three to five minutes, then spit. Afterward, the MCT oil should not be consumed, as it will be full of bacteria.

How can I use MCT Oil?

  • Baking, substitute for butter and other oils
  • Add to smoothies, pre-workout shakes, and other drinks
  • Salad Dressing
  • In your coffee
  • Just consume 1 tsp (up to 3 tsp) per day!
  • As a skin moisturizer
  • Oil Pulling

Allergen Warning: Contains Tree Nuts (Coconuts)

Helpful Tips

  • Be careful to start off slow and get your body used to it.
  • Not recommended for use in frying due to relatively low smoke point.
  • Keep out the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing.
  • Do NOT refrigerate!