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How to Use Rosehip Oil for Hair

July 28, 2020 2 min read

Rosehip Oil for Hair by Radha Beauty

Rosehip oil is already loved for its hydrating properties on the face and skin, but did you know that you can use rosehip oil for hair too? It can hydrate, soften, and shine the hair strands with the same moisturizing properties that work on your skin. It’s packed with antioxidants that help fight environmental damage and essential fatty acids to keep your hair looking and feeling smooth and shiny. The Vitamin C and fatty acids in rosehip oil might even help promote hair growth.

Facing frizz and dry hair? A hot oil treatment is perfect to use rosehip oil on your hair!

Hot Oil Treatment

  1. Microwave 3-6 tablespoons of rosehip oil for 10 seconds.
  2. Test how warm it is on your wrist. It should be warm but not hot.
  3. Apply the oil evenly over your hair and massage into your scalp.
  4. Let the oil soak into your hair for 20-30 minutes and follow with your normal shampoo and conditioner.

Women with fine or oily hair will want to steer clear of the hot oil treatment, since it can make your hair greasy if your natural oils are enough in the first place. Oil also feeds the yeast that causes dandruff, so while oil can help soothe irritated, itchy skin, keep it away from a scalp with dandruff. Instead, apply oil to damp strands before blow drying, staying away from your scalp. The light touch of oil will help with shine and tame flyaways.

Start with a dime to quarter-size amount of oil, depending on your hair type. Course, thicker hair will need more oil than fine, thinner hair. Start small and add in if you need to. Adding too much oil will result in an oily, greasy appearance.