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How to Use Home Diffusers to Energize and Elevate a Room

April 09, 2020 5 min read

How to Use Home Diffusers to Energize and Elevate a Room

If you haven’t yet been turned on to the ongoing craze surrounding essential oils, you may want to pay attention! Many people use essential oils to affect their well-being or health in positive ways. Though essential oils can influence one’s moods or feelings, they are not widely considered to be an actual form of medicine. Therefore, the way people typically use essential oils is through aromatherapy. This process involves using ahome diffuser to convert concentrated droplets of oils into the air, which you can then breathe in.

Different essential oils are believed to interact with the body in various ways. Depending on the mood you are going for in a certain room in your house, you can choose from a wide variety ofessential oils for your diffuser.

We spoke to Elina Fedotova, celebrity esthetician and founder of Elina Organics Spas, who believes in the healing and energizing benefits of essential oils. "Aromatherapy is very helpful for stress relief. Use your favorite blend of essential oils in your home diffusers like lavender, chamomile, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, grapefruit, tangerine, and orange. All of those essential oils not only reduce stress and anxiety but also have a powerful antiseptic & antiviral properties and help to clean air from pathogens."

To help you decide what kinds of oils and diffusers can interact well with the energy levels you want to create in certain rooms, we have created this guide. So, how do you use home diffusers to energize and elevate your rooms? Let’s learn about it.

1. Choose Oils for Each Room

    Each room in your house is meant for something slightly different. The bedroom is for relaxing and sleeping, while the home office is for concentrating. When choosing essential oils for the home diffuser in each room, go by what oils will complement your activities in those rooms.

    Take the bedroom. After a long, hard day working at your job or outside, you want to be able to retire to a serene place where you can feel free to let yourself relax and not worry about anything. In that case, you may want to diffuse oils such as lavender or chamomile, both of which promote relaxation and stress relief. Just place your diffuser on a nightstand or across the room on a dresser and let the peaceful scents carry you off to sleep.

    The same idea applies to essential oils in other rooms. Diffusing lemon in the kitchen can help to promote good digestion, along with eliminating headaches and raising your general mood. You can also get creative with what oils you use in your rooms. For instance, diffusingpeppermint might be a good idea in the bathroom because, when you wake up in the morning and are still groggy, the oil’s energy-lifting properties can help wake you up.

    Milana Perepyolkina with Gypsy Energy Secrets told how she uses each scent for different reasons. "Essential oils have been successfully used for thousands of years to promote wellbeing. They have benefits for the mind and the body. Lavender helps relax the mind. Bergamot lifts the mood if you woke up feeling out of sorts. Rosemary increases focus and motivation for difficult tasks, it is also highly anti-viral. Peppermint increases mental activity and energy." She uses these different oils for different rooms to set different intentions. 

    2. Diffuse to Complement the Decor

    We just discussed using home diffusers to create moods for yourself in different rooms of your house. Now, we are talking about using your essential oils alongside your decor to lend each room its own totality of mood.

    If you have a study that you have decorated to be a kind of throwback to a nineteenth-century reading room, consider a somewhat moreornate home diffuser that you can place on a coffee table or bookshelf. Ideally, the diffuser should blend right into the decor of the room so it is both a part of the room and a complement to it. In a space such as this, you may want to consider diffusing refreshing eucalyptus or soothing lemongrass.

    For a more modern-style room, such as a computer or media room, you might want your diffuser to be a bit morestraightforward in its design. Keep the room’s decor minimalistic by focusing people’s attention on the giant television screen or classic movie posters along the walls. And, since you’ll want people to be alert and paying attention during film screenings at your house, pick some essential oils that will boost energy and concentration. Orange and peppermint would be perfect for this.

    3. Change Up the Diffusers You Use

    Our third and final tip for using home oil diffusers to energize your rooms is to vary what diffusers you use by what kind of motif you are going for. We mentioned in the previous section that different rooms might call for different kinds of diffusers, but now we are focusing more on the units themselves than the rooms they are in.

    A classic,beautiful oil diffuser with a reservoir for water and oils is always a great option for a room with a lot of foot traffic. That’s because people moving around will help the misty oils to diffuse even more throughout the room. If you want to create a bit of an elegant feel in your room with your home diffuser, consider using a candle diffuser that heats the water above it, thereby releasing the oils. With this, you will get the scents along with the lovely lighting of the candle.

    Then there is the reed oil diffuser, which uses reeds to soak up pure essential oils and diffuse them into the air. This method is incredibly simple; the more reeds you add, the stronger the scent will be in your room. Not to mention, the look of the reeds will add a calming aesthetic to any space.

    On top of diffusers adding to your home decor, Kathy Sadowski with Wellness Aromas told us just how diffusing essential oils can effect you and your rooms atmosphere. "Aromatherapy has shown in multiple scientific studies to have an impact on mood. Fragrance inhalation has shown to have an effect on our autonomic nervous system."

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