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Holiday Gift Guide: Spa Day Edition

November 20, 2020 2 min read

Holiday Gift Guide: Spa Day Edition

Holiday gift guides are part of my favorite part of the holiday season because they make shopping so easy! There are so many gift guides for so many types of people. This guide is perfect for people who want a way to relax. All of these products can be used at home and all of them can be used together to create the ultimate spa day at home.

Spa Set Bundle
This spa set bundle is the perfect start to create the right atmosphere for a relaxing spa day at home. It comes with our 160ml diffuser with soothing lights and multiple modes. The essential oils included are exactly what you want for calming, soothing, and relaxing.

Dead Sea Mud Mask
If a true detox is what your giftee needs, this mud mask is perfect! It’s made with Bentonite Clay for a heating effect and will draw toxins and dirt out of pores to reveal beautiful, glowing skin. Use after cleansing the skin with a Radha Beauty cleanser for the best effects.

Vitamin C Skincare Kit
The Vitamin C Skincare Kit was developed to be complementary to each other, giving skin the best chance of looking bright, even, and glowy. This kit includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and cleanser. It includes Vitamin C and other natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil for an invigorating refresh for the face.

Bath Bomb Set
I think this bath bomb set is such a great option for giving as a spa day experience. This set comes with essential oil scented bath bombs that are wonderfully fragrant and contain jojoba and grape seed oil to leave skin feeling soft and nourished. There’s a scent for every occasion!

Moisture Rich Body Lotion
Lotion is absolutely a need when it comes to a full spa day at home. Of course, it’s also a great option if there’s no time for a full spa day but you still want a little bit of nourishment. With super scents from Oatmeal Milk & Honey to Eucalyptus Mint, this lotion is a great option for everyone in your life.

Flowering Tea
For a different way to relax, try a flowering tea. Tea is a wonderful way to relax from inside to outside. These flowering teas add a little something extra by adding a visual element. Taking time to watch the tea flower is a great way to relax and calm down.

Aromatherapy Bracelet
This aromatherapy bracelet allows the wearer to take the soothing power of essential oils with them on the go. This one uses lava beads that soak up the essential oils and release the scent over multiple hours. Lavender or peppermint essential oil have soothing aromas, whereas orange and eucalyptus are more invigorating.

Argan Oil Hair Mask
Last, but definitely not least, is our Argan Hair Mask. Made with Argan Oil for a luxurious feel that leaves your hair feel soft and silky, this hair mask is a must have. Apply liberally for a deep conditioning treatment that’s nourishing for your hair and soothing for your soul.