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Nature's Blemish Remedies

December 22, 2016 3 min read

Nature's Blemish Remedies

What is beauty to you? For me, beauty radiates from inside before we reach the outer layers that people see. We are often told that beauty comes in a bottle but beauty is timeless, ageless, and limitless. I know this because as a ballerina and in my present work, I am always seeing beautiful women being told they are not enough. I love that I am seeing more women defining beauty on their terms. Ladies, we define beauty. No one can do this for us.

The beauty industry is full of brands who are seeking to sell products. While the packaging is often beautiful and eye catching, the product inside is often very ugly. When I say ugly, I mean it is full of harmful chemicals that can do more harm than good. We have to read labels and hold these companies accountable for what they are selling.

At Radha Beauty, we hold ourselves accountable. I experienced breakouts and irritation in the past because of cosmetics that made me look great but damaged my skin. Now, when I see a product, I wonder, “Are they thinking about my beauty?” If the brand is offering me options that are natural and chemical free, my answer might be, “Yes”, but if the brand is only looking to sell me chemical filled options, I leave them alone. To care about my beauty is to first start with caring for me. Does a company care about you if they sell you a product that can do harm?

Before looking to a product to solve my problems, I start with what I know works. Essential oils can help with most of the skin issues we have. We use them by themselves and enjoy their benefits in our moisturizers, cleansers, and other natural and organic products. Beautiful skin does not have to be complicated. Nature has provided us with amazing options that heal and nurture.

What are some of the issues you’re having with your skin? Blemishes are a major issue for a lot of people. I thought we were done with this as adults but no, hormones, diet, and factors like pollution can cause major breakouts.  How can you address breakouts naturally, with essential oils?

Here is one way!

For blemishes, tea tree oil is amazing. Whenever I get a breakout, I dab a few drops onto a q-tip or cotton swab and apply this to my bumps & irritated skin. I like to use the products we carry at Radha Beauty. I trust them & believe in our products.

Sometimes I’ll mix the tea tree oil with pure & fractionated coconut oil to moisturize while helping to clear my skin. I like to create a mixture because using tea tree oil alone can cause dryness. Also, beware! Tea tree has a strong herbal scent but it works wonders!

Known to have anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial qualities, tea tree oil packs a punch. When you combine tea tree oil with the coconut oil you get an anti-inflammatory rich mixture that will soothe irritation. To enhance the effects of this mixture while making the smell more pleasant, add lavender essential oil.

Lavender Flower

You might be wondering why lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is amazing for soothing inflammation and irritated skin.  Also known to have antiseptic properties, lavender helps to inhibit & slow the growth of the bacteria that cause acne. I love the soothing effects of lavender & find that this mixture serves several purposes.

How else could you use these ingredients together?

Use this blend during a massage. Just add a few extra drops of lavender & enjoy. You can even rub this natural mixture on your feet, hands, and elbows. All of these areas need extra care and moisture, especially in the winter.

Enjoy moisturized skin & blemish free days and nights with what nature has given us! Essential oils are useful in so many ways! Try this blend & tell me how you like it.