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Everything You Need to Know About Bath Bombs

March 31, 2020 3 min read

Everything You Need to Know About Bath Bombs

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to set aside some time where you can get away from all the stress in your life and practice some self-care. Anyone who likes to spend time alone indulging in self-care knows the best thing you can do to instantly feel relaxed is to take a nice warm bath. There’s a variety of different types of products out there that you can soak in, butbath bombs are by far one of the best and most popular.

Still need some convincing on using bath bombs? Here are answers to some of the questions you might have about bath bombs.

Why Should You Use Bath Bombs?

For most of us, we usually try to make showers as quick as possible. Our schedules don’t always allow us to sit in the tub for a while, but it’s absolutely something you should make time for every now and then. Taking a bath in warm water has a variety of different benefits, like reducing stress and anxiety, softening your skin, and helping you feel readier for bed. 

Bath bombs are the best way to make your bath even more special. In most bath bombs, you can find ingredients that are great for your skin to help keep it moisturized and healthy. Many of the bath bombs that are available come in a variety of different colors that you can watch blend into the water. For some, bath bombs might even remind you of the fun products you used as a child. Once your bath bomb starts fizzing, you won’t be able to help but watch it, which is a great way to get your mind off everything else for a little while. 

How Often Should You Use Bath Bombs?

When you start using bath bombs, you might not be able to get enough of them. It’s tempting to use one all the time, but it’s smart to wonder whether or not this is good for your skin to do too often. Too much of a good thing is often a problem, but in terms of bath bombs, you have nothing to worry about. How often you use bath bombs is up to you. Some people prefer using bath bombs frequently as a part of their regular routine, which might mean using them a couple of times a week. Others who don’t take baths frequently might only want to use them from time to time to treat themselves. If you plan on using bath bombs more regularly, you might consider buying abath bomb set, which can be more cost-effective than buying individual ones. 

What Makes Bath Bombs Fizz?

Something everyone who’s familiar with bath bombs has wondered is what exactly is in them that makes them fizz? Bath bombs can often look like something you would see at a science fair, so making sure they’re safe to use for a bath is a great question. The science behind bath bombs is actually extremely simple. Bath bombs contain a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, which you might recognize as baking soda, and citric acid that makes them fizz when placed in water. 

Can People With Sensitive Skin Use Bath Bombs?

Having sensitive skin can make it difficult to try new products. Bath products can be especially intimidating for those with sensitive skin. The thought of sitting in water that could give your entire body a rash is a terrifying thought for anyone who’d had a similar experience with other products. Because of it, you might feel slightly wary of trying bath bombs and it’s true that there are some you should stay away from. At Radha Beauty, all skin types are safe to use our bath bombs and are made with all-natural ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, you likely know what ingredients would cause a negative reaction, so you should always check the ingredient list to make sure a bath bomb doesn’t contain anything you’re allergic to.

Where Can You Buy Large Bath Bombs? 

For any products you’re putting on your skin, it’s important that you know where they come from and what’s in them. We all need to take care of our skin, and a huge part of that is trusting the places we buy products from. If you’re buying bath bombs, or any other skincare product, you can’t get them from just anywhere. At Radha Beauty, we understand the importance of putting quality ingredients into all of our products, which makes us the perfect place to go to for large bath bombs. You can choose from a variety of scents and buy them for yourself and everyone else in your life.