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Easy Girls’ Night In Ideas (even in isolation)

June 08, 2020 3 min read

Easy Girls’ Night In Ideas (even in isolation)

We’ve been in quarantine for over three months now. If you’re like me, you’re probably going a bit stir crazy sitting at home. Sure, regular texts, calls, and FaceTime help, but at this point we could all use something to switch it up! Here are 5 of my favorite ways to hang out with your BFF, whether it’s virtually or in person, following your area’s guidelines.

  1. Movie Night
  2. Spa Day
  3. Paint Night
  4. Cook together
  5. Game Night

For the best girls’ nights, try to incorporate all 5 scents. In addition to your video chat, pick something yummy to eat, a fun playlist, put on something cozy to wear, and run a diffuser together. So, are you ready to have a fun night with your BFF? Take a look at the list and invite them to join in!

  1. Movie Night

You can enjoy a movie night together or apart with the help of dual streaming services like Netflix’s Netflix Party or Gaze. Grab your popcorn, relax in your PJs, and get ready to unwind. Whether you’re sitting on the couch or watching together from across the country, you’ll love getting to watch together. Bring your wine for a rom-com or grab your candy for a horror flick.

My top pick: The Princess Bride

  1. Spa Day

That’s right, we know how stressed out you’ve been! Unwind and relax with a spa day at home. Soak your fingers and toes, apply polish, or use a face mask: all while laughing with your bestie! Sip on your favorite wine or drink, and chat about the best parts of life together. If you’re enjoying from separate homes, set up matching diffusersand mix and match scentsto feel closer together. Bonus: pick up chocolate covered strawberries or donuts for a sweet treat!

My top pick: Radha Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask

  1. Paint Night

Paint nights are so underrated, in my opinion. Get your canvas and paints (make sure you cover your drop surface with newspaper!) and pick what you want to draw. It can be something silly or something sweet; you could pick out a picture together on Google or just decide on an idea or color to use. There are so many fun ways to take paint night: make it a timed challenge, collaborate on matching paintings, or hide the paintings until the last second. This is easy to do together in person or through video chatting!

My top pick: Acrylic paint and canvas

  1. Cooking together

Cooking together seems like a very in-person thing to do, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Set up your video chat app of choice in the kitchen and decide on what you want to make. Take time to chat and pass ideas back and forth while deciding and creating your delicious masterpiece. The best part of this idea is that you get to spend time together while you’re making the food, but you can also eat it together!

My top pick: Chocolate chip cookies

  1. Game night

One of the easiest and most fun ways to hang out in quarantine is to have a game night. You can do physical games like Pictionary or charades, or you can check out the new generation of online games from providers like Jackbox. Make it more interesting by adding your favorite drinks and snacks of choice, and maybe you’ll find out something new from your friends!

My top pick: Quiplash