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Dancing is Good for Your Heart

September 21, 2022 2 min read

Photo by Edgar Martinez

Dancing is not only a great workout that tones your whole body, but it gives you an emotional lift too. Whether you prefer the gliding elegance of ballroom or the saucy sashays of latin, our experienced team at Arthur Murray Crows Nest teach a range of styles that boost your mood as well as building your muscles.

Dance your cares away

Whether you’re a dancing novice or a pro, the complete concentration required to co-ordinate your legs, arms, body and head to music means that you simply won’t be able to focus on any other worries. Regular dancing provides a release that helps you abandon day-to-day stresses. Even an hour’s dancing a week will significantly help you to feel relaxed and happy.

Get a natural high

Exercise in any form encourages your body to release endorphins. This chemical functions as a neurotransmitter in your brain, like an analgesic. It reduces the perception of pain and acts as a natural relaxant. And because dancing is also a fun workout, any added laughter during the experience only increases your endorphin release. So effectively, as well as being great exercise, dancing triggers an all-over good vibe, with no medication required.

Express yourself

It’s easy and enjoyable to lose your inhibitions to a musical rhythm in an atmosphere where you feel comfortable. It comes naturally to express yourself through dance as the sound consumes you and your confidence grows. Channelling energy through a beat is a unique way to express yourself with abandonment. Dancing without a care is a liberating experience that brings a sense of freedom that’s good for the soul.

Improve your self-confidence

Just like perfecting any new task at any age, mastering dancing is a great way to boost personal confidence and self-esteem. When first learning, it can seem challenging. At Arthur Murray we know from years of experience that students at every level advance steadily in technique – and in personal confidence – from week to week. Before long, that collection of steps you were co-ordinating becomes a seamless dance routine.

Join a new social scene

Dancing is all about having fun and social contact. There is immediate common ground at a dance class that breaks the ice. It’s the ideal way to meet people who are enjoying a similar activity. We not only teach the technical moves, but also how to read a partner’s body language as you adapt to each new pairing. The teamwork required during weekly dance classes also enhances your everyday life and social skills, helping to ease any previous stresses about having a night out.

The dance of love

Physical contact with another person during dancing brings an immense sense of well-being and increases your inner peace. When you feel a real connection with a dance partner, you might even find it leads to romance. After all, how many relationships start with the question, ‘Would you like to dance?’.