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Cleaning your Radha Beauty Diffusers

May 11, 2020 1 min read

Cleaning your Radha Beauty Diffusers

Not many people think to clean their diffusers, but it’s an important part of taking care of your diffuser. Cleaning your diffuser on a regular basis helps to prevent the diffuser from breaking down or working improperly. We recommend cleaning your diffuser on a weekly basis and wiping it down with a damp cloth every time you use it.

  1. Fill your diffuser half way with clean water, making sure to stop well below the max line.
  2. Add up to 10 drops of pure white vinegar to break down the oil.
  3. Run the diffuser for 3-5 minutes, then drain.
  4. Clean the corners with a vinegar-soaked cotton swab.
  5. Rinse with clean water, and empty.
  6. Dry with a clean cloth.