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Aromatherapy at Home

January 01, 2021 2 min read

Aromatherapy at Home

Now more than ever, people are spending more and more time at home. Aromatherapy can make staying home much more relaxing and enjoyable. Using a diffuser around your home can provide many wonderful benefits along with bringing a fresh scent to any room. Especially during these upcoming winter months if your stuck inside or just looking for a refreshing scent to change things up around the house, aromatherapy could be the solution you need. The scents provided by essential oils are a quick and easy way to transform any room in your home.

Run a diffuser in your bedroom with lavender or frankincense oil for relaxation. Lavender oil is known to help promote sleep, making it a wonderful choice to use in the bedroom. Lavender oil provides a calming and comforting atmosphere that makes it one of the most popular scents for in home use. Another option is to drip a small amount of pure essential oil on your pillowcases. Frankincense oil has long been revered in sacred spaces and promotes inner peace, making it a great oil to use instead of or in combination with lavender oil. 

For your home office, orange or rosemary oil might be a better option to diffuse. Orange oil is a bright, energizing oil that is known to help you stay awake and mentally active. Rosemary oil is known to promote mental clarity and focus, making it a great option for working on tight or stressful deadlines. Lemon oil is also popular for providing a refreshing and invigorating scent. If you enjoy the scent of lemon oil and are looking to try similar citrus smells in your home, try orange oil or lemongrass oil!

If you are interested in freshening up the aroma around your home in your kitchen or in your bathroom, essential oils may provide the solution you need. A popular oil that is similar to lavender is ylang ylang oil that is perfect for those looking to incorporate a similar floral scent into their home. Peppermint oil is popular for its clean scent and gives a refreshing aroma that anyone would enjoy.

For a clean, refreshing aromatherapy experience, try using a Radha Beauty diffuser. The best part about our diffusers is their sleek and compact design that makes them easily blend in around your home while still providing the aroma you desire. By incorporating these essential oils into any room, you will notice an immediate change in the aroma of your home and you will find yourself feeling more at peace then ever!