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An Introduction to The Oil Cleansing Method

August 31, 2021 2 min read

An Introduction to The Oil Cleansing Method

Oil cleansing is a trending way to cleanse your face, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: using natural oils to clean your face. Oil can actually help remove makeup and loosen dirt and excess oils in your pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

It’s already known that oils dissolve other oils. The important part is that by cleansing your skin with fresh, natural oils you can remove the dirty oils in your pores that host bacteria and clog your pores. The oil cleansing method uses this to cleanse the skin, then uses warm steam to open your pores to remove the excess oils, leaving your skin fresh and clean.

Choosing the right oils is important to help balance the oils in your natural skin type. There are many types of carrier oils you can use: castor, argan, fractionated coconut, avocado, and even olive oil can work. For oily skin, you’ll want to use more balancing oils, like castor or jojoba. For dry skin, you can use heavier oils, like olive or argan oil.

Balancing Oils: Castor, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Hazelnut, Hemp Seed

Nourishing Oils: Argan, Rosehip, Olive, Pomegranate Seed, Tamanu

For oily skin, use a 1:2 ratio. One parts balancing oil, like castor, to two parts nourishing oil, like argan.

For combination skin, use a 1:3 ratio. One parts balancing oil to three parts nourishing oil.

For dry skin, use primarily nourishing oils and add a few drops of balancing oils to help cleanse the skin.

Steps to oil cleanse your face:

  1. Pre-mix your oils and store in a glass container in a cool, dark area.
  2. Use a quarter-sized amount of the mixed oil to massage over your skin. No need to pre-wet your face!
  3. Use smooth, circular motions to massage in for at least a full minute. Two minutes is generally better for a cleansing.
  4. Soak a clean washcloth in hot water, squeeze out the excess water, and place over your face to steam for one minute.
  5. Flip over the washcloth to wipe away the excess oil.

Warning: Oil cleansing can take some time for your skin to adjust to. There is typically a detox period where your skin learns how to react to the increased amount of oils. Stick with it to see the best results!