We have been finding more and more ways to use our essential oils. It seems like we find something new every day! Today we are sharing our favorite essential oil play recipes for kids! From homemade gifts, DIY projects, aromatherapy playdough, ornaments for the Christmas tree, DIY sugar scrub for little hands, and so many more things!

If you’ve been loving all of your essential oils and are looking for ways to bring your kids in on the fun, you’re going to love these. 

We hope you enjoy these essential oil play ideas!


Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love everything related to essential oils and we use them for many different things: Bath bombs, DIY lip balm, room spray, sugar scrubs (great gift idea!), homemade products to clean the house without toxic chemicals – ohh, there are just so many essential oil gift ideas and homemade recipes you can do with them.

Our favorite essential oil brand is Young Living. In fact, our favorite thing about this brand is that they offer high-quality products at a reasonable price, plus, they have so many different essential oils, perfect for making many various essential oil projects, or simply adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils into your oil diffusers to keep your house smelling fresh and clean.

Below we are sharing our favorite different ways to use essential oils so keep reading until the end of the post for our ideas!



You might already diffuse essential oils at home, but did you know that you can do so much more with them? Like craft? All you need are these essential oil play recipes for kids, and your imagination. Let’s get crafty!

This Treat Soap is a treat, and a great way to motivate little ones to wash their hands! at Kids Activities Blog

B-Inspired Mama‘s Calming Construction Play is a great way for kids to wind down while still playing!

Thrill your little paleontologist-in-training with this cool Homemade Bug Soap simple recipe, from Simplistically Living!

LavenderSensory Rice, from Wugs and Dooey, not only has calming power, thanks to the lavender essential oil, it also makes your house smell amazing!

Save the Truffula trees… by lacing them inside a Lorax Sensory Bottle! Love this sweet idea from Simply Play Ideas!

The holidays might be over, but these Essential Oil Diffuser Ornaments from Totally The Bomb are so cool that you might want to get a head-start on next year’s DIY gifts!

Scented Sensory Beans have so many possibilities! at Kids Activities Blog

What kid wouldn’t want to take part in this cool Scented Science Experiment, from Lemon Lime Adventures?!

Make it snow, “snow matter” the weather, with this fun DIY Snow, from Playtivities!

Send stress packing with Stress Away Water Beads, from Parenting Chaos.




Kids love slime and playdough! They are the a good way to add essential oils, using these essential oil play recipes for kids, in order to add aromatherapeutic benefits during playtime!

Soothing Lavender Playdough, from B-Inspired Mama, is one of my favorite ways to calm my kids down, while they play!

If your little one has the sniffles, Peppermint Scented Salt Dough, from Lemon Lime Adventures, is just what the doctor ordered! The peppermint essential oils will help keep their nasal passage open, as they play!

Lemon Scented Cloud Dough, from Lemon Lime Adventures, has such a soothing citrus vibe.

Love + Marriage And A Baby Carriage‘s Stress Away Playdough works wonders if your little one is having a rough day.

Lemon Lime Adventures‘ Calming Glitter Slime… it’s calming AND it has glitter? Sign me up!

Lemon Playdough is a sure way to cheer everyone up! at Kids Activities Blog

Use vegetables, instead of food coloring, to add color with this cool Vegetable Colored Playdough, from Playtivities!

Keep summer alive with Pink Lemonade Playdough, from Fireflies and Mud Pies.

Growing A Jeweled Rose‘s Lavender Cloud Dough will bring peace and happiness!

This No-Cook Lemon Playdough, from Powerful Mothering, is quick and easy!

Slime is already cool, but Glow In The Dark Slime? Even cooler! Love this slime recipe from Really Are You Serious!

The Life Of Jennifer Dawn’Vanilla Playdough smells so yummy!


Author by: Liz