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15 Healthy Resolutions Anyone Can Achieve

January 03, 2020 4 min read

15 Healthy Resolutions Anyone Can Achieve

With a new year and a new decade comes the pressures of change. Every forward-looking person wants to move on in life and become better than they were the year before. While it can seem daunting to revamp your life, don't hold back from your potential. People often set goals that are just too lofty and, frankly, impossible to achieve. Here are a few resolutions that almost anyone can realize to help you jump start your own goals.

1. Organize Your Home

Not only will a cleaner and less cluttered home save you time in finding your things, but an organized home will also reduce stress and depression. No need to do it all at once, either. Set aside a little time every day to clean and organize room by room. It all adds up and will leave you satisfied in the end.

2. Exercise More

Goals to lose specific amounts of weight can be hard on a person's ego if it’s hard to follow through right away. Just commit the time that you know you can give. Maybe try for at least a half-hour a week. If you already work out, set a goal to change it up some!

3. Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Always wanted to figure outessential oils? Want to start fishing? Take small steps over the new year to figure out a new interest! There are tons of coupons every January to discount the prices of these courses, so don't be shy! A lot of classes even offer a free first lesson to see if you like it.

4. Read a Book a Month

A couple of pages a day adds up quickly, so get some much-needed rest and let your mind explore fantastic new worlds. There is no limit to the places books can take you, and you will learn a lot along the way.

5. Travel Somewhere New

It doesn't have to be a new country. A simple weekend in a nearby cabin or a day's drive to a beach you haven't been to before can help you find yourself in unknown places. Invite a friend or partner, and you can explore the world (or even your own city!) and get to know yourself a little better!

6. Reinvent Yourself a Little

Try a new bold haircut, or some fashion you weren't brave enough to wear before. You never know if you'll find something new you love for yourself. Style is a beautiful way to change your outlook on life and can let you explore who you are. You might also try taking a relaxing soak in the tub with somebath bombs. With multiple varieties available, each with its own essential oil and scents, this should become one of your favorite new ways of chilling out. 

7. Eat Mindfully

Be mindful about what you eat. Try Meatless Mondays or other forms of sustainable eating. There are endless delicious recipes online to make almost anything taste good. Give new things a try, like cauliflower rice instead of long-grain rice, and you may surprise yourself.

8. Try Something Thrilling

Push yourself just a step outside of your comfort zone. Scuba diving, mountain view hiking, or even watching a scary movie can boost adrenaline, which will let you feel great afterward. Push the envelope just a little and feel that rushing thrill you can get only from a new experience.

9. Reconnect with Friends

It can be tough work to connect with people in person, with how easily we can message each other these days. Take the effort to spend time with them away from the screens. Offer a spa day, or even just a night of conversations and wine, and it can do the soul some good.

10. Ask for What You Deserve

If you're looking for work, or already in a job, don't be afraid to know your worth. Ask for that raise or promotion, and make sure your value is known. It can be scary to ask for more in life, but that's the only way you're going to get what you want.

11. Give Selflessly

Volunteering time back to your community, even just a couple hours, can mean so much to people in need. You may not feel like putting in the effort now, but when you actually spend some time volunteering and see the people you help, you will feel great about yourself.

12. Don't Give Up on the Essential Things

If you have a goal, such as getting a new car or moving to a new city, make sure that you keep it in mind. Don’t let it go if things get complicated. It is that kind of determination that makes people successful.

13. Become Sustainable

Smalls steps, like taking up recycling, or using reusable bags, can really add up if you care about the environment and want to do your part. Switching to sustainable soap bars instead of plastic-heavy body washes can make a big difference!

14. Indulge

Allow yourself to have fun and relax, maybe by trying out some essential oil diffusing asaromatherapy. Whatever you decide to do, don't be too strict, or you'll have a miserable year.

15. Love Yourself

You've made it to another decade! Celebrate this new year with those you love, and spend the time you need to get to know yourself better.

With these resolutions that anyone can achieve, it will be easy to enjoy a year that you can proudly remember in the future.