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One Simple Step to Boost Your Lifestyle

Looking to begin your journey down the long road of natural living, but not sure where to start? My suggestion is start small. Something as simple as an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser will put you on the right track towards a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. Diffusers for essential oils are these neat little machines that help purify the air and use the essential oils to help kill bacteria or fungus that may be present in it. It basically breaks down the oil into the smallest of molecules and disburses it into the air. Leaving nothing but the amazing aroma of whichever oil you’ve decided to diffuse.

Not only does it neutralize bad odors in the air, but it also goes so much deeper. Remember when I explained the benefits of several essential oils that are offered? When certain oils are disbursed, they offer an all-natural way of helping treating particular physical, mental and spiritual ailments that may be aching you. For example, if you are sitting at home with a congested nose and difficulty breathing try diffusing some eucalyptus. Doing so, helps open up the lungs and encourages breathing. It also helps clear clogged nasal passages.

My personal experience with diffusers has leaned more towards its spiritual benefits. As a yogi, I practice yoga and deep meditation. Both are enhanced with the help of a diffuser. There is just something about the clearing aroma of lemongrass that helps clear my mind to focus on opening my chakra’s and strengthening my posture.

With so many benefits offered by diffusers, it's surprising not to see them in every household. I have several in mine alone. That being said, I also can relate to the challenge of choosing the right one. Many companies offer essential oil diffuser for sale and picking the right one can be hard. So when choosing, give yourself a criteria to sort of look for. Because I use mine for long periods of time, I prefer a diffuser with a decent size water chamber. The last thing I want to worry about when practicing my asana is refilling it.  Also, a subtle light while I meditate would be a great way to relax and set the mood, don’t you think?

Good luck on your journey! I truly hope my advice helps you and please feel free to comment with any other suggestions or tips that I may have overseen.

Talk to you soon Radha Beauties!