Gifts for Beauty Lovers

December 10, 2019 4 min read

Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Nothing feels better than getting a gift from someone and having it be something that you actually wanted to get. When it comes it giving gifts to others, you want to be the person who can make them feel like this. However, giving the perfect gift can be harder than it seems. If you have someone in your life who you know loves beauty and skincare, beauty products are likely to be the gift they’re hoping to get. The key to getting the right gifts for a beauty lover is getting products made with quality ingredients 
At Radha Beauty, we offer a wide variety of beauty products that any beauty lover would be happy to get.  Check out these products that would make great gifts for any holiday, birthday, or other special occasions.  

Bath Bombs 

Few things are as relaxing as being able to take a warm bath. Because of this,bath bombs make a great gift for anyone, even if they aren’t into beauty products. There are so many bath bombs on the market that choosing the right ones can be a challenge. With this gift set, you don’t have to worry about choosing certain ones. The set includes eight preselected bath bombs made with some of the most popular essential oils, like sandalwood, eucalyptus, and lavender. Each bath bomb has its own benefits depending on the essential oil used, so there’s one for every mood and occasion.  

Vitamin C Complete Facial Care Kit 

Every beauty lover appreciates having a reliable skincare routine. Gifting someone with a product set that they can easily use to create a routine. Thisvitamin C facial care kit uses one of the top skincare ingredients in a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. Vitamin C can help a number of different skin concerns, especially aging and discoloration. Helping someone achieve a healthier complication is something no one will turn down. Another benefit of giving someone products that contain vitamin C is that they’re suitable for any skin type, ensuring your gift will be useful. 

Essential Oil Roll-On Set

Recently, everyone has wanted to give essential oils a try, especially those in the beauty community. Even if you use essential oils daily, applying them can get messy fast. Oil can cause terrible stains if they get on fabric and are difficult to clean on other services. Thisessential oil set comes in roll-ons to make applying them as easy as it can be. The set includes three different essential oils for different purposes. With these essential oils, you can help treat headaches, encourage clearer breathing, and sleep peacefully. 

Indian Healing Clay - 100% Pure Bentonite Clay

It’s safe to assume that any beauty lover is also a face mask lover. One of the best masks that you can buy are ones that contain 100% pure bentonite clay. Thisclay mask naturally draws impurities and excess oil out for noticeably clearer skin and smaller pores. In addition to clearing skin from problems like acne, it can also help soften and smooth skin’s texture. When the mask is washed off, it also exfoliates the skin, which will help brighten skin and improve any discoloration. All skin types can use this mask, and it can be mixed with either water or apple cider vinegar depending on how strong you want it to be. 

Argan Oil Hair Mask 

If you’re going to gift someone a face mask, you should also consider giving a hair mask. This will give them the chance to double-mask and treat two areas at one time. The perfect hair mask for this is Radha’sargan oil hair mask. Chances are if someone is into beauty, they also probably spend a lot of their time trying out different hairstyles. Whether it’s tying their hair up, heat styling, or using chemicals and dyes, many people experience hair damage. This hair mask contains all the nutrients and vitamins that hair needs to repair itself and stay healthy. 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

When you aren’t sure of what gift to give, something simple, like ahyaluronic acid serum, is always a safe choice. No matter someone’s skin type or skin concerns, everyone can incorporate hyaluronic acid into their skincare routine. Hyaluronic acid is already found in skin and it's something you can almost always use more of to keep skin looking healthy. Out of all ways to keep skin moisturized, hyaluronic acid is one of the most well known. Hyaluronic acid can retain a significant amount of water to make sure that skin stays supple and hydrated. This product is easy to use in a skincare routine, making it a perfect gift. 

100% Pure Radha Fractionated Coconut Oil  

For a gift that can be used on both skin and hair, consider getting this100% pure coconut oil. Anyone getting this gift will be sure to love it because coconut oil has multiple different uses. This is one of the best products for someone who has dry or flaky skin, as it’s a powerful moisturizer packed with nutrients. While it moisturizes, it can help skin look younger and protect skin from environmental aggressors. It’s also great for frizzy or dry hair to help make it look healthy and shiny. You can use coconut oil for not only dry skin on the face but any dry skin on the body as well.