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Natural Summer Highlights

Its finally summer and that means its time to go lighter. Want beautiful sun kissed hair with out using hair lighteners and dyes that can cause harmful damage to your hair?  Get sun kissed hair naturally by using Radha Lemon Essential Oil. The natural suns rays and acids in Lemon oil work together to lighten the pigments in your hair.  Giving you beautiful natural highlights without chemicals. Makeover your hair naturally this summer!

This recipe is simple, quick, and easy.

-  ½ cup water
- Radha Lemon Essential Oil

- Mix ½ cup of water with Lemon Essential Oil (10-15 drops)
- Add your mixture to a spray bottle and shake

Spray the mixture on your hair, before sun exposure. The more you use the lighter it’ll be! Do not apply this mixture right after you shower. Condition your hair two days prior to spraying the mixture on your strands. We recommend you do this on a day that you do not wash your hair, the oil will absorb better into your unwashed hair. Let the oil sit in your hair for 20 minutes in the sun then you may rinse it out or leave it in and let your hair air dry. We recommend doing this 2-3 day a week until you get the sun kissed  blonde hair you desire!

Important tips:  When lighting your hair in the summertime it is important to condition your hair on a regular basis. This prevents your hair from drying out and causing unwanted damage. Try adding a few drops of our Radha Beauty Aloe Gel to your conditioner.  Aloe vera will soften and condition your hair.

Brighten your summer with sun kissed hair!



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